February 21, 2024

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GreenPeace Mitsotakisu and Tsiprasu: “You’d better be silent”

In its recent report, the international environmental organization “GreenPeace“quite caustically went over the leadership of Greece, saying that it would be better if they were silent and did something than saying outright nonsense.

“We watched the prime minister’s sermon, which we were shocked with: the phrases ‘good night and good luck’ and the reference to the climate crisis from which we must save our Motherland, as a whole and for an indefinite period. opposition, who told us that the climate crisis began 3 years ago and “found them unprepared.”

Gentlemen, stop! The climate crisis did not start yesterday or three years ago. Under your governments, in just a few years, and while the danger was already well known, we witnessed the shame of the climate crisis as well as the destruction of biodiversity.

Where to start … Hatzidakis anti-ecological law? Who survived the pandemic despite the massive reaction from Greek citizens? Constant legal battles and appeals to the Council of State, for which organizations and citizens should we appeal again and again in order to save what remains? Scientists you don’t listen to? Chronic lack of forest protection and forecasting by any government? Shall we comment on the contracts for the production of oil and gas that were issued under the previous government? But seriously, do you have any idea how the climate crisis, which you now call an unexpected curse, arises? Stop. We do not care which of the two is worse: your level is very low, and the situation is very serious.

If you want to talk about the climate crisis again, do so only if you have something useful to say. Take, for example, the termination of all permits for the extraction of fossil fuels in a country. Significantly increase energy savings in the construction sector and eliminate fossil fuels, including gas. Systematic and urgent investments in fire protection and increased prevention. No, you haven’t done any of this. No, when the fires go out, we will not forget this, for we have not forgotten for decades that scientists, environmental organizations and citizens are desperate to get you to prepare for dangerous situations. No, let’s not forget, because after the fires, floods will come, and you will again talk about the climate crisis, as if the sky had fallen on your head. Stop and do your job at last. “

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