"There are many of us, you cannot escape": shocking statement by the insane (?) arsonist

Among several persons detained in recent days on suspicion of arson, stands out the case of a 43-year-old man detained in Kryoneri, who allegedly tweeted: “Whatever you do to me, there are many of us … and you will not be saved”.

Like us previously reported, on Friday, volunteer firefighters, near Mandri Krioneri, discovered an unknown person who was driving along a country road on a motorcycle without numbers.

The volunteers considered him suspicious because a fire suddenly broke out about 50 meters from the place of his stopping, which clearly looked like arson. They pointed out the suspicious motorcyclist to the OPKE police, who detained and took the man to the police station.

The detainee claimed to have arrived at the scene to help put out the fire. However, during a search in his house, matches, lighters, firecrackers, a mosquito coil and nut shells were found and seized, which, according to the police, could be used as lighters without leaving marks. Small quantities of raw cannabis were also found and seized.

A police investigation by the State Security Service showed that the man may have been involved in two more fires in the Kryoneri area: the first broke out about half an hour after midnight 4-8-2021 in the Kryoneri cemetery and the second today at 00.15 in the Mandri area.

Later on the social network Twitter there was a statement attributed to the 43-year-old:

Τα λόγια του εμπρηστή που έπιασαν στο Κρυονέρι:

“Ότι και να Μουν κάνετε είμαστε πολλοί, δεν θα γλιτώσετε”# Πυρκαγια # κρυονερι

– MiswCazlas (@Cmskz_) August 6, 2021

It can be interpreted as follows: “Whatever you do to me, there are many of us .. and you will not be saved”

Another mentally deranged woman tried to set fire to Pedion tou Areos Park on Friday. As it turned out later, a woman, a refugee from Afghanistan, had previously tried to set fire to the park.

The alarm was raised at about 5:30 pm. Fortunately, the fire was brought under control, since a small fire engine, which was nearby, immediately arrived at the scene of the fire.

Police officers from the DIAS team and employees of the Athens Municipality and EYDAP also rushed to the site of the fire. It is noteworthy that the drivers passing by stopped and helped to extinguish the fire with their fire extinguishers.

With the help of local residents and passers-by, a suspicious foreign woman was identified and caught and interrogated at the Kipseli police station. Whether she is a madman or a member of an organized group of arsonists, the police still have to find out.

The woman was clearly preparing for arson. Several lighters, a gas cylinder, and a plastic bottle with a flammable liquid were found with her.

Two people were arrested on suspicion near the bridge at Agios Stefanos with two cans of gasoline. The detainees could not answer the question why they needed gasoline in the fire zone, and were taken to the police.

One of the suspects tried to convince the authorities that he was a volunteer firefighter. According to him, he took part in putting out the fire, but behaved suspiciously, returning to the places from where the fire began.

Prior to this, a 30-year-old man was also arrested in Kalamata for deliberate arson. His case was transferred to the prosecutor’s office on Saturday. It is noted that the said person was allegedly involved in other arson before.

A 60-year-old man was detained on a similar charge in Phocis. Authorities also detained an arsonist in Ilia who is currently testifying.

Cases with insane arsonists in Greece, this is a fairly frequent occurrence, one has only to remember the most famous of them Herostratus, nevertheless, the events taking place these days make you wonder if what is happening by chance?

After all, those found in Varibobi are homemade incendiary bombs and the actions of unknown arsonists are clearly aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country. What is happening is already difficult to explain simply by someone’s personal economic interests or an attempt to distract from the economic crisis and the coronavirus. Or did the organizers simply not expect the situation to get out of control?

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