July 24, 2024

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That worms, that covid – everything is one

Scientists from the United States have proposed using certain components of the drug for worms as an anti-coronavirus.

American scientists from the Scripps Institute have found that a remedy for worms can be a promising cure for COVID-19. The research results are published in the scientific journal ACS Infectious Disease. Researchers have studied salicylanilides. They were discovered in the 1950s and were used to treat worms in cattle. Then they were adapted for people.

Salicylanilides have been shown to be able to prevent coronavirus infection from entering cells, as well as to fight the cytokine storm. Most likely, the substance can also cope with new COVID-19 mutations. However, it has not yet been tested in humans. “It has been known for 10-15 years that salicylanilides are effective against certain viruses. However, the area of ​​action is usually limited to the intestines, and drugs can also be toxic, “- explained the lead author of the study, Kim Janda.

In the course of the study, it turned out that one of the compounds is most effective in the fight against covid. It prevented infection of cell cultures. The drug also reduced inflammation in the mice. Now scientists intend to conduct experiments on animals and then on humans.

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