"Mutation" European climate

Temperatures in Europe have more than doubled the global average over the past three decades. The climate in Europe is changing. An unusually warm October this year also testifies to global warming. Monitoring organization “Copernicus” EU and the UN World Metrology Organization presented the State of the Climate in Europe 2021 report, the data of […]

Indian summer weekend with temperatures up to 34°C

Temperatures are expected to rise above seasonal levels in Athens this coming weekend, reaching 34°C. However, “Indian Summer” will not last long, as from Monday October 3, 2022, a sharp drop in temperature by 6-8 degrees is expected. Starting Monday, the wind direction will change to the north with a force of 5-6 on the […]

Weather forecast for the near future

The weather in most parts of the country will resemble summer, and the air temperature will be high enough for seasonal. The mercury column will remain at the same level as yesterday, when it almost reached +30°C (as the thermometer recorded +29.4°C in Wari), however, in some areas the weather will be unstable from noon, […]

2,421 km run in support of climate protection

Actor Agis Emmanuel kicked off an ultramarathon from Athens to Glasgow on Wednesday to help raise awareness of climate change among the world’s population. Recent wildfires of unprecedented intensity and magnitude have shown the ugly face of climate change. In these difficult times for Greece and our entire planet, there was a person who decided […]

Sinolakis: this climate was expected by 2040 …

The long period of hot weather observed this year was commented by academician, professor and chairman of the National Special Committee on Climate Change Konstantinos Sinolakis. “Obviously, this is not normal,” he said, referring to the extremely high temperatures observed this summer, speaking in the main newsletter of the Sky TV channel about the approaching […]

Warm days: temperatures rise this weekend

According to the latest forecast data from the National Observatory of Athens, significant warming is expected in the next two days. Reportedly, the maximum air temperature at noon on Saturday 03/04 will be on average 7-9 degrees higher compared to the maximum temperature on Thursday 01/04. While in Attica, Boeotia and Evia, the temperature rise […]