Briefing by Nikos Hardalias on the fire situation

Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Anti-Crisis Management of Greece Nikos Hardalias briefed on the development of fires at an emergency briefing on Saturday evening.

The situation in Evia, according to him, does not yet give reason for optimism – there will be a night battle with fire, which they could not take under control. The damage is enormous. The Deputy Minister noted: “All burned areas will be considered suitable for reforestation.”

Regarding the fires in Attica, Hardalias said:

“With a titanic effort, people are fighting on all fronts and have managed to reduce them in Attica. At the meeting we held, it was decided to keep track of areas of Attica that are in recession for any revival during the night. The unequal battle gradually improves the picture in Parnit. There were dozens of revivals, but they were done with. “

But in Elijah and Phocis, the deputy minister noted, the situation is still difficult: “We had a large number of fire awakenings. All were extinguished immediately, but the situation remains difficult. “

Nikos Hardalias said that assistance is expected to extinguish fires from Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Great Britain, Qatar, Kuwait. He ended the briefing with the words, “The battle continues.”

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