Volunteers Rescue Pets in Varibobi

Hundreds of pets, dogs and cats, and small farm animals remained in the disaster area as thousands of local residents fled a wildfire in Varibobi, Frakomakedones, Adames after receiving an evacuation order on Tuesday.

This mobilized dozens of volunteers to launch a search and rescue operation in extreme heat, stifling atmospheres and flames to rescue panicked, scared, thirsty and hungry animals in need of medical attention.

Young people rescue pets after a fire.

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Volunteers collected dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, domesticated and stray, collected goats and sheep, tried to find water for chickens and rabbits abandoned on farms or household plots.

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Many were taken simply to a safe place, others to numerous veterinary clinics, which opened their doors for free treatment of animals.

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Volunteers called for donations of food, water and bowls, and citizens responded. On Wednesday morning, they went to the area again, leaving bowls of water and food for those animals that are still hiding from fear.

Some of the dogs and cats fled in panic caused by the approaching flames.

“The dog was found in a state of panic in the yard. They gave her water, and then left her … Nobody called the animal protection service … Some volunteers noted that the same thing happens after every forest fire, they go to find and rescue abandoned pets.

The firefighter took 2 dogs out of the area where there was a fire and handed them over to their owners.

The firefighter took 2 dogs out of the area where there was a fire and handed them over to their owners.

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The journalist of “Russian Athens”, who arrived at the scene of the fire on Tuesday evening, witnessed how firefighter took out two dogs and handed them over to their owners. A firefighter in protective clothing arrived from the scene of the fire and handed the dogs over to a guy and a girl who were looking forward to their pets.


At the same time, great efforts were made to save about 280 horses in several riding clubs in the region. Because the police did not allow owners and staff to transport the animals in an organized manner, they were released and the horses ran around the area until they were again picked up and taken to safety.

Horses in Varibobi Square on Tuesday afternoon.

Greek Equestrian Federation stated on Wednesday that 253 horses, 23 ponies and 2 donkeys were rescued and transported to Markopoulo (East Attica). They were extremely frightened, but their condition is not cause for concern, they received the necessary help.

Equestrian club Varibobi burned to the ground.

What to do

As search and rescue efforts continue, if you want to help the animals, information can be found at the NGO “Voice of the Dog”… The needs are huge as animal lovers continue to find abandoned and injured animals.

More articles on rescue operations and what to do, how to help animals can be found at zoosos.gr

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And of course, there are many dead animals that have died from suffocation or fire.

Some pet owners have posted on social media that authorities have ordered them to keep their pets during the evacuation.

I read on social media that there are (maybe there were?) Several pet shelters in the area whose owners left their pets for the holidays and that they were left to fend for themselves as it is obvious that the establishments did not evacuation plan. If you have any information about this, write Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address. or +306972288719 (viber / whatsapp / telegram).

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