The number of abandoned animals in Europe is growing

In Europe, the number of abandoned pets is increasing. This is evidenced by overcrowded animal shelters. And although summer is not an entirely impartial witness, as animals are often left in shelters for the duration of the vacation, this year the situation is somewhat different. The total number of pets abandoned to the mercy of […]

Comfortable community: if you live with a pet

The presence of pets sometimes makes it difficult to receive guests who are not happy with such a “neighborhood”, even for a short time. However, your home will become hospitable and attractive to everyone if you heed the advice of experts. Subscribe to read the article and get full access to other restricted materials. I’m […]

Golden Jackal at Lake Karla

A rather rare representative of the natural fauna – the golden jackal – was seen in the vicinity of Lake Karla, and his movements were filmed. golden jackal (Canis aureus, literally – golden dog), one of the three types of jackals, is a medium-sized mammal belonging to the canine family. It is found in southeastern […]

Volunteers Rescue Pets in Varibobi

Hundreds of pets, dogs and cats, and small farm animals remained in the disaster area as thousands of local residents fled a wildfire in Varibobi, Frakomakedones, Adames after receiving an evacuation order on Tuesday. This mobilized dozens of volunteers to launch a search and rescue operation in extreme heat, stifling atmospheres and flames to rescue […]

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