Climate disaster: Greece is one of the most vulnerable regions on the planet

“We have to adapt to the effects of climate change,” said Demosthenes Sarigiannis, professor of environmental engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Speaking on the MEGA channel, the professor emphasized that we must learn to live with the situations we face due to climate change. “We have to adapt to its effects and reduce them as much as possible.”

Why is Greece one of the most vulnerable regions in the world in terms of climate change?
“We are cutting greenhouse gas emissions, reversing the path to climate change, replacing fossil fuels, recycling waste. These are a number of things that just need to be done. Our country is one of those with very good environmental performance. It is necessary to respond appropriately and in time. At the same time, Greece is one of the most vulnerable areas on the planet.

Climate change in the Mediterranean is causing serious problems. We are a coastal country, which means that we will have to deal with a lot of problems due to natural disasters, climate change. ” Mr Sarigiannis gave examples of what this change means, giving a typical example: there will be no big changes in air temperature between day and night.

“It is very important to have a reinforced KH95 mask.”
The specialist also stressed that “it is a very simple weapon that we all have masks in our homes. It is very important to have a reinforced mask, a KN95 mask, so that we are protected from fine particles. This is not a simple mask. After the fires, particulate pollution will continue for several more days, ”and it would be good to wear a mask outside the home for a week.

The professor said that, “in terms of fire protection, Greece is one of the most advanced countries”, and noted that “there must be security zones, personnel and a change in the institutional framework, that is, so that you can immediately respond to emergencies ( meaning forest fires) “.

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