Why are smoke particles in the air dangerous?

After a large-scale fire in Varibob, the smallest particles of combustion products are still floating in the atmosphere of the Greek capital. A professor of pulmonology talks about their danger.

Speaking on the SKAI TV channel, professor of pulmonology Panayotis Behrakis warned: prolonged inhalation of small particles of smoke, which filled the air after catastrophic fire, can lead to dangerous diseases, including oncology.

The polluted atmosphere is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women, the professor emphasizes:

“These microparticles from forest fires are highly toxic and should be avoided as much as possible. They have an aerodynamic signal and a very small diameter, so that they are carried by the inhaled air stream and penetrate very deeply into the respiratory system, where they stimulate an inflammatory mechanism that affects all organs, from the respiratory to the circulation. At the same time, they are responsible for exacerbation of hypertension, arrhythmias, for coronary diseases and, as proven, even for cancer in the long term. “

The professor paid special attention to the danger to children. He drew attention to the fact that, going outside, they inhale a large amount of polluted air in relation to their body weight, therefore, they absorb more harmful particles:

“And the worst thing is that the child breathes at a low height from the ground. The measurements were taken at a height of 2 meters, while the child breathes at a height of 40-50 cm, where the dangerous effect is much greater. We must protect children as much as possible as much as possible. “

Panayiotis Behrakis urged pregnant women to be careful not to be exposed to polluted air when inhaled. It causes various problems in the fetus – premature birth, low birth weight, and others.

The current situation is dangerous for people with cardiovascular problems, asthma, respiratory diseases. They need to wear a mask and, if possible, stay at home.

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