Daphne Murder Investigation

Investigations into the killing of his wife by an Albanian revealed that police officers previously contacted with complaints of domestic violence could have prevented the crime.

The two police officers who came to the call to the apartment located in the Daphne area acted unprofessionally. They came and then left, as if nothing had happened, not wanting to enter into “family squabbles.”

According to the Ministry of Civil Protection, “the police are obliged to fulfill their duties and indeed, the overwhelming majority of them fulfill them with conscience and self-sacrifice under any circumstances, day or night, when citizens need their help. Those policemen who do not understand this have no place in the Greek police ”.

An initial investigation into domestic violence complaints reveals their validity, and after the decision of the Greek Police Headquarters, two police officers who were traveling in a patrol car that arrived at the scene did not respond properly. Moreover, according to the instructions of the Emergency Response Center, the signal had a high priority.

It is noted that the Ministry of Civil Protection established a special service to combat domestic violence, and from the very beginning, clear instructions were given for the immediate and effective management of incidents. “Domestic violence is a shame for modern society, and its eradication will require the mobilization of all of us,” said law enforcement agencies.

Recall that the police arrived at the apartment of a young couple on a complaint from a neighbor. As the lady said, on July 11, she called the police to report the incident (showdown, noise and abuse in a neighbor’s apartment), but the police just drove up to the house and left again. “Therefore, I told them that when he killed her, I would first inform the TV channel and only then call you,” the witness summed up her speech.

As “Russian Athens” wrote earlier, on July 30, a man of Albanian origin came to the local police station and confessed to killing his wife, saying that he was jealous of her.

Both the victim and the perpetrator are about 35 years old. The husband allegedly fatally wounded his young wife with a sharp object, most likely a knife, in the neck. The police entered an apartment on the third floor (located at 17 Lambru Catsoni Street) and found the woman dead in a pool of blood.

During the investigation, it turned out that this was not the first time a man had infringed on the life and health of his wife. Relatives of the murdered woman say that for many years the woman planned to leave her tyrant husband, and when one day she succeeded, he began to pursue the fugitive. In general, family life did not work out, and in the end the killer realized his monstrous plan, acting in a manner “if not with me, then do not get anyone!”

A criminal case has been opened against the Albanian.

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