In 7 months, there were 6 murders of women by their partners

In just 7 months, 6 murders of women by their partners were recorded in Greece. These are stories that shook the entire country.

Six women who are victims of partners, husbands or ex-husbands. And in most of these cases, according to forensic experts, the criminals were blinded by jealousy.

All of them claimed that they had not planned the crime and referred to the “fateful moment”. Some of them claim that they do not remember exactly what happened during the murder.

The criminals blame their wives or partners for their actions (they say, they brought it!). As in the case of 54-year-old Vasilika from Chania, who was killed by her partner because she “got” him. Or 28-year-old Konstantin, who died tragically at the hands of her husband in Makrinitsa because the woman did not allow her father to communicate with his daughter when he wanted to.

In addition, most of these criminals, as it turned out during the investigation, had psychiatric problems (they drank medicine, went to a psychologist). Nevertheless, almost none of them had previously received treatment in psychiatric institutions.

Who were these women victims?

54-year-old woman from the village of Meskla (Chania)
On January 17, a 54-year-old woman was found dead in a pool of blood. The authorities were looking for her partner, 48-year-old Norwegianwith whom she lived lately. Reportedly, after the murder, the man called the daughter of the deceased and said: “I killed your mother.” The couple had frequent quarrels, and the unfortunate woman asked for help from her ex-husband, with whom she had a very good relationship. He seemed to have talked to the Norwegian, and he assured him that he would not do anything wrong. Nevertheless, later he still killed his partner, stabbing her 14 times with a knife.

Constantine in Makrinitsa
On April 5, 28-year-old Konstantin and her brother were tragically killed in their parents’ house by their ex-husband. The 31-year-old man reportedly frequently harassed her and her family in Makrinitsa. On that day, he asked to see the child, but his ex-wife refused because he was “in an agitated state, very nervous.”

Then the man, violating the precautions, entered her father’s yard shouting “Come here, my birdie” and began to knock out the door with improvised means – stones and logs.

To end all this, Constantine’s brother went downstairs, while the woman in desperation called the police and asked for help. However, in the end, the ex-husband broke into the house, killing his wife and her brother.

Caroline killed in Kria Neri
The murder of 20-year-old Caroline shocked not only Greece, but the whole world. May 11 her 32 year old husband the pilot killed his wife and the mother of their 11 month old child in a home located in Glyka Nera. For 37 days, the killer “confused the tracks” and portrayed a grief-stricken widower, as he told the police that his wife was killed by brutal robbers.

However, after a thorough investigation, on the day of the memorial service, the police asked 32-year-old Babis to “ride with them” from Alonissos to Athens to discuss important facts. There, after hours of interrogation, Babis Anagnostopoulos confessed that he had killed his wife.

64-year-old woman killed in Agia Varvara
On June 3, passers-by found a bloody 64-year-old woman with severe head injuries in Agia Varvara. The woman died, and her 75-year-old ex-husband confessed to her murder. He said that he killed his ex-wife because they had financial disagreements over two companies that they jointly owned and could not divide after the divorce.

Garifalia slain on the island of Folegandros
Murder of 26-year-old Garifalia by her partner on Folegandroswhere she was on vacation also caused shock. The couple had a big fight because the girl wanted to go swimming that day, and the guy intended to go hiking in the mountains.

As a result of a fierce dispute in the car, a 30-year-old man drove off the road and left in the rocks. The girl got out of the car, intending to leave. Then the guy pushed her, and the unfortunate woman fell on the rocks, rolling down the slope. According to the medical examiner who examined her, the offender hit his companion in the face, dragged her to the rocks, and after she lost consciousness, threw her into the sea. As a result, the girl drowned. In his confession, the killer said it was a “fatal moment.”

31-year-old young Albanian wife killed in Daphne
Finally, yesterday at Daphne Another woman died tragically at the hands of her jealous husband… The killer himself came to the local police station, where he confessed to the murder.

According to the information, he was pathologically jealous of his life partner. According to the testimony, the couple fought quite often, and even the neighbors called the police more than once, but the authorities did not do anything. And the case ended in murder.

The police officers who came to the call on the domestic violence case and did not even get out of the police car to intervene were detained and placed in the bullpen. A case was opened against them, law enforcement officers were charged with violating “official duties”.

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