Messinia: attempted ATM robbery leads to fiasco for criminals

The explosion of an ATM near the Stupa, Messinia, turned into … a fiasco, as the banknote neutralization system (IBNS *) was activated, which sprayed all banknotes with special paint.

The ATM security system did its job by painting the loot of the robbers, that is, the 50 and 20 euro notes, green.

According to the testimony of local residents, at about 4 a.m. two explosions were heard almost simultaneously, while residents saw the criminals running around in a motorcycle helmet and holding a box in their hands, which, apparently, was with money from an ATM.

The police arrived in the area immediately after the explosions and are conducting an investigation to establish the whereabouts of those responsible and the exact circumstances of the theft. Apparently, the protection system worked only in one of the ATMs.

* The IBNS system has the ability to paint banknotes with indelible paint when the ATM is tampered with in any way. The substance that stains banknotes is very intense and does not cleanse, covering their large surface, which makes the “efforts” of the robbers useless.

In this way, the system protects banks and citizens who may inadvertently engage in money laundering.

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