Dozens of wildfires engulfed Greece

According to the Greek Fire Department, 57 forest fires have occurred in the last 24 hours. Some of them were insignificant and were quickly extinguished, but a few turned out to be much stronger.

A wildfire in the village of Drosia Erimantos in Achaia is in full swing, and strong ground and air forces are trying to extinguish it. As a precaution, some of the houses in the village have been evacuated.

According to the fire service, 47 firefighters, 2 groups of foot firefighters, 16 vehicles, two helicopters and five aircraft, two Petzetels, two Canadair and a Russian Beriev-200 are active in the area.

According to the mayor of Erimantos, Theodoros Baris, the evacuees are safe.

“Residents of the Drosia community, which was evacuated as a precaution due to the fire, were safely transferred to the Kumberi community in Achaia,” he told APE-MPE, explaining that “those who have homes in Patras will be sent there “.

Regarding the development of the fire, the mayor of Erimantos said that “part of the community was under threat, but the danger was prevented,” adding that “the front of the fire is large and the wind is constantly changing direction.”

The wildfire that broke out at noon today in the Elikistra area, Achaia, is in recession and 70 firefighters are working with 2 teams of foot firefighters, 25 vehicles, 5 A / F (2PZL, 1CL415, 2Air Tractor) and 2 E / P. A also with the help of volunteer firefighters, water tanks and bulldozers from the local administration.

Most of the fires were liquidated immediately, at an early stage.

On Thursday, July 29, the 4th high fire hazard regime was introduced in the regions of Attica, Eastern Evia, and half of the Peloponnese regions:

Scientists are concerned about how quickly the climate crisis has exacerbated extreme weather conditions.

Until recently, climate change was spoken of as a threat to the future. Remote places such as the Arctic, where polar bears run out of sea ice for hunting, have been imagined. Rising sea levels and severe drought were challenges for the developing world.

But in the last month, developed countries have been at the forefront. Over the past four weeks floods in Germany swept the streets and swallowed houses that had stood for over a century in the quiet village of Schuld. Known for its cool mountain air, the Canadian town of only 250 people was burned to the ground by a wildfire that followed the unprecedented heat.

Climatologists have warned for decades that the climate crisis will lead to even more extreme weather conditions. They said it would be deadly and more frequent. But many are surprised that heat and rain records are hitting so often.

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