Crimea deal in exchange for Moscow’s recognition of the TRNC

Hasan Unal, a professor at Turkey’s Maltepe University in Istanbul, said Turkey could strike a deal with Russia over Crimea. In accordance with it, Ankara recognizes the Russian peninsula, and Moscow recognizes the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an independent state, reports.

The professor believes that the Russian Federation could lead the movement for the recognition of the TRNC, and warned that if unified, Cyprus could join NATO, and this is contrary to Moscow’s interests. If an agreement is reached, Turkish airlines will be able to resume direct flights to Crimea.

However, Unal admits that the scenario may look unrealistic due to the existing rhetoric of both sides on the issues of Cyprus and Crimea. Nevertheless, he did not fail to remind:

“Politicians use rhetoric to gain a stronger position in the event of negotiations.”

The Federation Council has already responded to the proposal from Turkey. Sergei Tsekov, a member of a committee of the Federation Council, said that the time for the recognition of the Crimean peninsula as part of Russia by the world community is gradually approaching. Commenting on Turkey’s proposal, he noted that this could worsen relations with Cyprus. Now only a theoretical discussion of the deal is possible. In addition, Tsekov points out that Hasan Unal is not an official person, in this case he simply expresses his opinion:

“Of course, we hear this position, but you can react and respond only when it comes from the officials of the Republic. But it is very good that such a topic, in principle, began to appear, the recognition of Crimea as an integral part of Russia, of course, is an extremely positive option for us. “

The politician added that the attitude towards Crimea will change gradually, so its recognition will not happen immediately. Tsekov believes that the world is not yet able to understand a seemingly simple thing: international law is not only the integrity of states, but also the right of people to self-determination:

“Unfortunately, the world is stuck on unresolved territorial issues, although the inviolability of borders is obviously less important than the right to self-determination. But states have always recognized only when it was beneficial, as in the case of Kosovo. And yet, voices for the Russian Crimea appear, and this is already encouraging. Unresolved territorial issues should be resolved in a complex by the world community. And yet the time for this is gradually coming. “

However, from such a deal, the politician believes, Russia will also suffer a number of losses – after all, if the TRNC is recognized, relations with Cyprus will inevitably worsen. Therefore, such decisions must be made carefully and carefully.

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