“He was completely moved by his mind,” – ex-White House doctor

Congressman Ronnie Jackson, a former White House physician, reported the declining mental capacity of US President Joe Biden on Fox News.

According to The Hill, Jackson is confident that the US president will step down in the near future. He says that Biden’s cognitive abilities are rapidly deteriorating. Sean Hannity, host of the program, suggested that the president’s mental state is not entirely normal, as his answers to some questions “are completely incomprehensible.” He asked Jackson:

“Donald Trump has passed the cognitive test. He answered all 30 questions correctly. I heard this is a very difficult test. I don’t think Joe Biden could have passed it. Can such an assessment be considered fair, taking into account what I am observing? “

To which the congressman did not fail to assent:

“That’s right, Sean, and I’ve been saying that from the beginning. I say that something is happening here. I said this when Joe Biden was still a candidate, and I said it would only get worse. And you know what? We are watching this happening right now before our very eyes. Something serious is going on with this person right now, and you know, I think that he will either retire himself, or he will be persuaded to retire in the near future due to medical problems, or they will have to use the 25th Amendment to get rid of from that person right now. “

Ronnie Jackson posted a video of the American president’s speech on Twitter. There, the journalist asks him a question: “Is it true that the Democrats want to destroy the police?” To which Biden replied with a question to the question: “Is it true that there are people in the Republican Party who drink the blood of children?” And, turning around, walked away. In his commentary on the video, Jackson wrote:

“He LOTS! His cognitive function needs to be tested NOW! ”

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