Ankara Games based on Turkey-Libya Memorandum

For the past 24 hours, Turkish warships have prevented the research vessel Nautical Geo, which was investigating possible locations for the East Med pipeline on behalf of the Greek state, from moving beyond the 6-mile sea area east of Crete. Protracted situation in the region east of Crete since signing Turkish-Libyan memorandum, also found its […]

Halloumi is not just cheese, it is a symbol of Cyprus, its unity and division

It is possible that the delicate and delicious-tasting halloumi cheese (χαλούμι) is able to resolve a long-term geopolitical conflict. Marinos Kapsis, the owner of the Nicosian restaurant “And standing tu Dimitri” (Portico of Dimitri), says: “Halloumi is a very special product. Unlike other cheeses, it can be boiled, fried and grilled. You can also eat […]

Cyprus: vaccination of children sparks a barrage of insults and threats against the Pediatric Society of Cyprus

Anxiety prevails among members of the Cypriot Pediatric Society over threats received over the past 24 hours. Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiades called them “shameful” on his Twitter account. After the decision to vaccinate children aged 12 and over, recommended by the Cyprus Pediatric Society to parents, excitement prevails in the mood of the island’s population. […]

New restrictions for tourists and residents of Cyprus came into force

Not only for tourists, but also for its own unvaccinated citizens, Cyprus is introducing new restrictive measures from today. From August 1, SafePass antique certificates will have to be presented at the entrance to the premises where there are or hypothetically may be more than 10 people (previously 20). The measures were agreed on Friday […]

Dendias: “The days of the Ottoman Empire are over”

“The days of the Ottoman Empire are over,” Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said Thursday, urging Turkey to abide by international law. “Turkey must finally understand that it can no longer behave as if we live in the 18th or 19th century,” Dendias said after a briefing by representatives of the opposition party about events […]

President of the Republic of Cyprus: “The state will repay those who ignore the laws”

Yesterday evening, Sunday, at the entrance to the presidential palace in Nicosia (Cyprus), a demonstration of many thousands took place. The demonstrators attacked the Dias media group building, which houses the Sigma TV company. The demonstration, according to TASS, was directed against the decision of the Cypriot government on the widespread use of SafePass antique […]

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