The Greek Parliament has published income declarations of politicians. It was funny

The committee in charge of the Greek parliament has published income statements for 1,114 politicians and senior civil servants, mayors and regional governors, as well as MEPs and non-elected ministers.

Declarations named “pothen esches” (from where) refer to FY 2019.

Of particular interest to the Greek public are the declarations on the wealth of party leaders published in mass media information on their resume.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis declared about income of 33,432.38 euros, and O income of 1285.77 euros from agricultural activities and 11,800 euros from real estate. He also declared income of € 35,500.48 from other sources.

Mitsotakis’ wife Marev Grabowski declared an income of 36,671 euros, as well as 28,000 euros from real estate, which caused nervous chuckles from Greek social media users, who are well aware that this is the cost of one dress from the store (and there are several of them) owned by Mr. the same Grabowski.

For his part, the leader of SYRIZA and former Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras declared about income of 34,424.05 euros. He also declared 32,961.68 euros of income from other sources. Tsipras’s partner Betty Baziana announced an income of € 19,355.78.

Leader of the Movement for Change Fofi Gennimata stated about an income of 36 627 euros. Her husband has declared an earnings of 33,953 euros and an income from real estate of 11,845 euros. He also received a debt of 12,549 euros.

The most honest turned out to be the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Greece, Dimitris Koutsumbas, who stated on income of 73,466 euros from other sources, noting that his parliamentary salary, according to the rules of his party, is considered party income. His wife declared an income of 18,176 euros.

Leader of MeRA25 Janis Varoufakis declared income of 18,598.19 euros and 276,910.38 euros in the form of dividends and interest. His wife declared an income of 8,400 euros.

Greek Solution Leader Kyriakos Velopoulos declared total income of 39,500 euros. His wife indicated 11,573 euros of income.

The publication “pothen esches” is supposedly a system for controlling the finances of politicians, however, they do not need to declare where their assets came from (growth), but simply declare the state of their wealth.

PS The “reliability” of these declarations can be judged by the fact that only the salary of a member of the European Parliament is 18.5 thousand euros per month, that of a member of the Greek parliament – 15 thousand, for ministers an average of 7 thousand (the main salary), and with all allowances and additives are at least 2 times higher.

Wage one deputy costs the taxpayer 3700 euros per month, or 44,400 per year. However, Greek legislators and senior government officials are not living on a single salary. Many special aids follow them at every turn. Let’s skip all the intermediate data and say the amount calculated by Greek journalists – 180 612 euros per year (for 2015) is earned by a member of parliament who every second thinks about the fate of his people. Accordingly, the salaries of ministers and officials equated to them are also slightly higher. And that’s not counting the fact that they are exempt from taxes and have a lot of privileges, such as official cars, security, etc.

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