The third dose of the vaccine: to whom and why

Professor of the London School of Economics Elias Mosialos, speaking about the spread of a new epidemiological wave of coronavirus, also spoke about the importance of administering the 3rd dose of the vaccine.

Speaking on SKAI, Elias Mosialos said the new wave of the pandemic is affecting middle- and low-income citizens who do not have access to vaccinations. At the same time, he stressed that the new epidemiological wave will affect mainly the unvaccinated and a very small percentage of vaccinated people who either have problems with immunity or belong to very vulnerable groups of the population. For these categories of vaccinated citizens, Mr. Mosialos proposed to introduce a booster (third) dose. “A third booster dose should be administered to immunocompromised individuals, as is already being done in other countries,” he said.

Pfizer and Moderna: 3rd dose
As mentioned, the 3rd dose will be given by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, but this poses no risk to those who were originally vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine. “Mixing vaccines leads to an increased immune response, so don’t worry about that,” said the expert. Regarding the decrease in deaths and hospitalizations, he said it was due to the vaccine, not because the virus weakened.

With regard to vaccination coverage in our country, the specialist noted “a high percentage compared to other countries (56% of the population were vaccinated, that is, 68% of adults).

As for children, he said: “We are seeing a wide spread of the virus among young people. But if adults are vaccinated, they will protect their children. ”

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