New rules for catering and entertainment establishments

New security measures for catering and entertainment establishments came into effect on Friday, July 16. In this publication, we will take a closer look at what is allowed, what is not, and what is eligible for a violation.

As of today, food service and entertainment venues are operating under a new regime, while government officials said they will tighten controls to ensure compliance.

Catering, entertainment establishments and centers will operate in the following order:

Until August 31, only seated visitors are allowed in all entertainment venues. From July 16 to August 31, closed entertainment establishments (restaurants, cinemas, theaters) can operate only at 85% of their capacity. Especially for indoor entertainment centers, only premises with coverage of 85% of the usable area are allowed, subject to the established distances and precautions. All nightclubs, both indoor and outdoor, operate in addition to the distance rules that generally apply to catering. Minors can enter catering and entertainment centers only on condition of self-examination and parenting in free seats.

Special markings

In the public and private sectors, employers have the right to request information on whether employees have been vaccinated or not.

From July 16 to August 31, in the context of the response to the pandemic, there will be three different levels:

The first one is for clean spaces (Covid Free Space). The second is for mixed ones, if they are outside (mixed space). With the third level, the entrepreneur will be able to inform his clients if all of his employees are vaccinated.

Information can be obtained by entrepreneurs from the site In the same place, entrepreneurs can download an application with which they can scan the certificate in order to verify it with the authorities’ database and, in which case, identify a fake.


At the same time, many people wonder if the unvaccinated can enter the premises or use the toilet, and whether it is necessary to have an identity card with them.

Indoor toilet, bar and POS use: Unvaccinated individuals will be able to enter restaurants to make and pay for an order or use the toilet. However, they will have to wear a mask, otherwise, in case of control, they can be fined 300 euros. Cafes and restaurants in shopping centers – what’s the difference Everything inside other premises is considered a closed space, exclusively for vaccinated or recovered. Catering establishments inside shopping malls are considered enclosed spaces, so they are intended only for the vaccinated. What will apply to the cafes and restaurants of the shopping malls located on the terraces has not yet been decided. For establishments located on the roof, the rules in force in hotels are observed, and on the roofs, a mask is required when going up and down between floors. Entering the premises Clients are required to present their vaccination or illness certificates, either printed or digital, via their mobile phone to enter the enclosed dining areas. It has not yet been decided whether the visitor will present an ID. A joint ministerial decision is expected. Forged documents are punishable by a fine of EUR 3,000.

Sanctions framework

1st violation:

For points with an area <200sq.m. an administrative fine of 2,000 euros per company / legal entity and suspension from the next day of the violation for 7 calendar days. For points with an area> 200sq.m. an administrative fine of 5,000 euros per company / legal entity and suspension from the next day of the violation for 7 calendar days.

2nd violation:

For all establishments, regardless of area, an administrative fine of 10,000 euros is imposed and the suspension of work from the next day of violation for 15 calendar days.

3rd violation:

For all enterprises, regardless of area, temporary withdrawal of a store license for 60 calendar days.

It should be noted that in order to establish the second and third violation, it is sufficient to commit any violation between those defined in this context. Sanctions can be imposed even after any violation has been committed, based on the evidence from which the violation arose.

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