14 infected on a ferry in the port of Rafina

The alarm was sounded in Rafina last night when the Super Express, sailing from Ios, arrived at the port with suspected cases of coronavirus, mostly with young children, who were on holiday on the island of Cyclades.

According to the information, throughout the trip, the group, more than 70 people, remained isolated, and upon arrival at the port, they underwent an express test, which was carried out by employees of the National Public Health Organization (EODY), located in a special zone of the port of Rafina. After taking smears, citizens were recommended to undergo preventive quarantine.

As it became known, the vessel, which arrived at the port of Rafina yesterday at 20:32, with 369 passengers and 28 crew members, was flying to the islands of Thira, Ios, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos and Tinos.

Today the Superexpress ferry was disinfected in a special workshop, and the ship departed on the standard route at 08:05 instead of the planned 07:05.

Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias confirmed the incident, speaking of 14 confirmed cases on Ios. According to relevant information from EODY, a total of 81 inspections were carried out on the vessel (17.28% of positive results). The average age is 18.9 years.

How the spread of coronavirus began on Ios
Over the past 24 hours, positive cases of coronavirus have emerged on the island of Cyclades, raising alarm among health authorities, who immediately began looking for where the spread began. According to iefimerida.gr, the mayor of Fr. Ios Gikas Gikas said that “it all started a few days ago, when about 1000 people who completed the Panhellenic Games arrived on an island that should be celebrated for its nightlife and is preferred by young people.”

“Unfortunately, from the first day, cases of the disease began in 18-year-olds, as a result of which there was a spread. Yesterday, the last group with suspicious cases left, and the children with coronavirus on the island were transferred to quarantine hotels along with their loved ones. Fortunately the virus has not penetrated the local communitybecause 90% of residents have been vaccinated against Covid-19, ”explained Mr. Gikas.

The mayor concluded by saying that a new coronavirus test measure, to be performed by the unvaccinated upon arrival on the islands, will prove crucial in the future to avoid similar incidents.

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