Public opinion poll on vaccination

The data of the survey “Pulse” for the TV channel SKAI regarding the opinion of citizens about vaccination are indicative. As it turned out, most Greeks are in favor of vaccination and the compulsory vaccination in certain groups. However, the data on the intention to vaccinate those respondents who have not been vaccinated are alarming.

More than 7 out of 10 Greeks are in favor of coronavirus vaccination. It is encouraging, according to the survey, that regardless of when they are vaccinated, the percentage of those who looked at the vaccine with caution has dropped significantly compared to the previous period. Analytically, 72% of respondents said they would be vaccinated, up from 37% in November 2020, 40% in December 2020, 49% in January 2021, 56% in February, 57% in March, 65% in April and 69% in June.

Data on those who have not been vaccinated are worrisome
However, the data on the intention to vaccinate by those who replied that they have not yet taken a single dose is alarming: 57% say they will not do it (“definitely not” 36% and “probably not” – 21%). compared with 40% who say they will get the vaccine (26% “probably yes” and 14% “definitely yes”).

In the same category, i.e. those who did not receive any dose of the vaccine, when asked “when will you get the coronavirus vaccine”, 40% answered “never”, 24% – “sometime later, later”, 16% “after 2-3 months and 16 % “As soon as possible”.

“Yes” of compulsory vaccination of certain groups of workers
According to the survey, respondents are clearly in favor of mandatory coronavirus vaccination for certain groups of workers who come into contact with large numbers of people, such as those working in education, catering and public transport.

Analytically, when asked whether vaccination should be mandatory in some groups of staff, almost half (49%) answered “definitely yes”, 16% “probably yes”, 19% “definitely not”, 9% “probably not ”, While 7% answered“ don’t know / no answer ”.

The overwhelming majority (71%) of retirees are in favor of compulsory vaccination, followed by public sector employees (45%), entrepreneurs (44%) and the private sector (34%).

According to the survey, the percentage of citizens in favor of compulsory vaccination is higher among those who received the first or both doses of the vaccine or who have already made an appointment. Those who “doubt” have a lower percentage.

In terms of concerns about coronavirus mutations, 60% of respondents said they were “very” or “very” worried, as opposed to 19% who said they were “not at all worried or” a little. “

75% more concern about mutations was found in those who received one or two doses of the vaccine, 50% in those who made an appointment (at a vaccination center), while those who did not, 54% said they were “not worried.”

Citizens’ alertness seems to have intensified with the appearance of the Delta mutation in the country: compared with June, the number of those who expressed concern increased from 49% to 60%, in contrast to those who did not worry about anything at all.

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