20 euros for vaccination at home will be given to doctors

The authorities in Greece announced a reward for doctors in the amount of 20 euros for vaccinations at home.

An amendment presented by the Ministry of Health to Parliament sets a fee of € 20 for private doctors who will be included in the COVID-19 home vaccination program. The program will start in July and will concern people who have problems with the musculoskeletal system.

At the same time, a fee of only 3 euros is set for vaccination in the doctor’s office. The fees will be paid by EOPYY, which will receive an emergency government grant. The procedure for contacting private doctors and other details will be determined by the decision of the ministry.

Vaccination rates by region
On Monday, July 5, the percentages of vaccination coverage in all regions of the country became known.

And what is happening in the mass consciousness in relation to vaccination, statistics speaks.

The data on intent to vaccinate by those who responded that they have not yet given a single dose is alarming: 57% say they will not do it (“definitely not” 36% and “probably not” – 21%) compared with 40% who say they will get the vaccine (26% “probably yes” and 14% “definitely yes”).

In the same category, i.e. those who did not receive any dose of the vaccine, when asked “when will you get the coronavirus vaccine”, 40% answered “never”, 24% – “sometime later, later”, 16% “after 2-3 months and 16% “as soon as possible”.

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