Bloodshed in Zografu: attack with a knife on passers-by

For an unknown reason, the man attacked passers-by with a knife and wounded four people, after which he disappeared into his apartment, threatening to commit suicide.

On Tuesday morning 07/07, an inadequate man lashed out at four passers-by with rage. FROM serious injury and bleeding the injured young man turned to a nearby hairdresser for help.

At this time, after the attack, the 54-year-old man ran to his house and hid there. Neighbors and passers-by alerted the police, who began an operation to detain an insane person who was deemed dangerous to others. According to the latest information, after the attack, the man tried to commit suicide by cutting his veins, but was rescued by the ΔΙΑΣ police officers who entered his house.

The victims were taken to hospital with minor injuries to their arms and legs, and their condition is reportedly not yet a cause for concern.

The police are investigating the motives for the attack, which are not yet known, however, it seems that the man has psychological problems. As it turned out later, the man had previously been hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital and escaped from there.

“The victim ran into the hairdresser and asked for help. He was wounded in the arm and chest. He had a deep wound on his arm. I knew him, this is my neighbor, he is 17 years old. We called the police and EKAB. The wounded man called his mother and said that everything was fine with him. As for the culprit, I do not know him, although I may have seen him sometime before, ”said the owner of the hairdresser’s, to which one of the victims turned for help.

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