No appetite in the heat? The doctor gave recommendations on how to optimize the summer menu

In the heat, it is difficult to figure out what to cook for lunch or order for dinner – there is absolutely no appetite. Nutritionist Sergey Oblozhko advises eating seafood and tomatoes during this period.

RIA Novosti tells about the details, referring to an interview with a radio specialist Sputnik. Sweating in the heat, the nutritionist explains, a person loses many substances necessary for the body that help to replenish these foods:

“Seafood is rich in minerals and it is a light, non-nutritive protein that will not over-satiate. So I would add squid, shrimp to my diet to replenish micronutrient deficiencies.”

And tomatoes, the nutritionist continues, contain natural hidden salts. By consuming these foods, you can maintain the balance of essential micronutrients.

Another tip is to eat acidic foods in hot weather to help you endure the heat. The cover explains:

“If you add pickled vegetables or sauerkraut to a plate, for example, sour food reflexively lowers your body temperature.”

And the doctor urges not to follow the vagaries of the body and not give up food when there is no appetite at all. In this case, light snacks throughout the day will help, triggering food stimulation:

“When we eat at least 200 grams of food and drink 150 grams of a drink, the body triggers a whole cascade of reactions associated with digestion and the regulation of eating behavior. This will allow, among other things, to avoid the evening gag.”

An important tip that many of us are probably unfamiliar with. In hot weather, it is usually advised to eat more fruits and vegetables. The nutritionist does not deny this, but warns against replacing the main meal with them:

“I would suggest eating more fruit in the summer, but not on an empty stomach, but as a dessert, 100-200 grams after the main meal,” advised Sergei Oblozhko.

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