France: Police are looking for Tour de France pop lover

Posing for the cameras with a smile, one of the fans at the Tour de France in Brittany caused unprecedented clashes among the riders.

According to the Daily Mail, a female spectator inadvertently blocked the road to the participants of the first stage of the cycling tour of France with her poster, posing in front of the cameras. Her carelessness and desire for popularity led to a serious accident with several injured athletes. The accident caused havoc on the Brest-Landerno highway.

French law enforcement officers are looking for the culprit of the most serious clashes in the history of the event, who left the scene before the arrival of the police. After being detained, she will be held accountable for “deliberate violation of safety rules and causing bodily harm to people who can prevent them from working for up to three months.”

A message was posted on the Finistere police department’s Facebook page asking for the fan’s likely whereabouts. If the woman is proven guilty, she faces 1 year in custody and a fine of up to 15,000 euros.

The cheerleader was on the section of the cycle route 45 kilometers before the end of the first stage of the Tour de France multi-day race, from Brest to Landerno. Turning with a poster to the cameras, she completely forgot about the purpose of her stay here and did not pay attention to the cyclists. The poster touched the German Tony Martin and fell, causing a “domino effect” – dozens of athletes-participants tumbled behind him. Some had to leave the race due to injuries, others bravely fought to the end. Spaniard Marc Soler, for example, reached the finish line in 181st with fractures in both arms.

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