Hotel booking scams – experts warn

Russian experts warn of hotel booking scams. Attackers are using new tricks – bypassing security systems and obtaining bank card details.

Izvestia journalists talked to the experts, and learned about the new methods of fraudsters a lot of important things for citizens going on a trip. According to experts, the main reason for the emergence of their “innovative” schemes was the emergence of a new way of creating phishing pages using Telegram bots.

Evgeny Egorov, Senior Analyst at Group-IB’s Digital Risk Protection Department, talks about how easy it is to generate phishing pages under the guise of a well-known brand:

β€œIn general, there are many variations in creating phishing sites: copy the design of a popular rental resource and add a phishing component to it. It’s even easier to buy a phishing kit. This is a set of ready-made tools for creating and launching phishing pages. “

Tatyana Shcherbakova, senior content analyst at Kaspersky Lab, adds that the official pages are also often used. In this case, the user is invited for a closer and more fruitful discussion in the messenger, in which he then receives a link to pay for the agreed order. Shcherbakova explains:

“Such a scheme is used in order to bypass anti-phishing security systems of services.”

What to do in such a situation for the Russians, prompts the lawyer Victoria Danilchenko. She reminds that a complaint can be made against a fake site by sending your claims to Google and Yandex, Roskomnadzor. In accordance with the law, the swindler faces up to 6 years in prison and a fine of half a million Russian rubles or compensation to the author of the complaint for losses incurred and a fine of up to 5 million rubles.

The lawyer recalls that concluding a lease agreement when renting out / renting housing helps to get rid of problems. And also – a preliminary check of the existence of the object, “at least through Google-maps.” You should also be on your guard if the price is clearly understated.

A week ago, June 22, Russia resumed flights with Turkey. In connection with the increase in the tourist flow, the Turkish Ministry of Trade has issued a warning to the Russians about the widespread schemes of deception with hotels. It urged to verify the accuracy of information received about the hotel online, before self-booking.

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