May 25, 2024

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The Rhodes Week site is open – who can take a free vacation for 7 days

Citizens who lived in hotels that were evacuated during the Rhodes bushfires in July 2023can apply for financial assistance as part of the promotion “Providing financial assistance to support tourism on the island of Rhodes”.

Promotion “A week in Rhodes” implemented after the signing of the Joint Ministerial Decision (No. 3898 Joint Ministerial Decision (Vol. B' 1398/01.03.2024) as amended by No. 5358 Joint Ministerial Decision (Vol. B' 1895/26.03.2024)) of the Ministers of Tourism Olga Kefalogiannis, Digital Directorate of Dimitris Papastergiou and Deputy Minister of National Economy and Finance Athanasios Petralias.

Upon successful completion of all individual steps specified in the above KYAand the announcement of the corresponding public call on 04/10/2024, individuals included in the register of beneficiaries will be able to apply for the issuance of electronic vouchers for accommodation in the Hospitality Hotels of their choice.

In particular, beneficiaries can secure free accommodation for 7 (seven) consecutive days, 6 (six) nights in Rhodes in one of the hotels of their choice among those participating in the promotion, during one of the following periods: 1st period – spring (from 10/4/2024 to 31/5/2024), 2nd period – autumn (from 1/10/2024 to 15/11/2024). The amounts of compensation that will be paid to hotels for free accommodation for beneficiariesthe following:

  • For hotels 1,2,3 stars and up to a triple room type – 300 € for the entire stay,
  • For hotels 1,2,3 stars and above with a triple room type – 400 euros for the entire stay,
  • For 4 and 5 star hotels, and above, a triple room – 400 € for the entire stay,
  • For 4 and 5 star hotels, and above, triple room type, 500 € for the entire stay.

Beneficiaries, depending on the type of hotel and room category in which they were staying at the time of the fire, can select the appropriate accommodation from the Hospitality hotel list. Please note that when selecting a hotel, availability will be taken into account at these hotels in order not to exceed the hotel's occupancy limit for the relevant period.

Beneficiaries can access hotel contact details ( ) to confirm availability at the hotel for the period for which they wish to stay and agree on further details of their stay.

Rhodes Week is organized by the National Network of Infrastructures for Technology and Research (EDYTE SA – GRNET), an organ of the Ministry of Digital Governance, and is financed from the regular budget of the Ministry of Digital Governance. A detailed guide in the form of questions and answers is available on the website For additional clarification, you can contact the promotion user support service by calling 215 215 78 22.

It is worth noting that the hoteliers complied with the exhortations from the authorities and did not “raise” prices for the specified period, realizing that this would not work in their favor. Therefore, the average price for a day in Rhodes is now around 60 euros per day.

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