February 8, 2023

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Australian isolation: no curfew, but no music in restaurants

The authorities of the largest Australian city of Sydney announced specific measures to combat the coronavirus – no curfew, with open restaurants, but without dancing and singing in them.

An outbreak of the Indian strain of the Delta coronavirus has been detected in Sydney, so residents are prohibited from leaving the city to prevent its spread. In the Bodie Beach area, according to APE, 30 people tested positive.

Gladys Beretziklian, Prime Minister of New South Wales, announced the entry into force of the travel ban from Sydney today, except for good reason. The number of people who can get together has also decreased. For major events that are still permitted, the seating capacity should be 50%. Bars and restaurants in the city do not close, but music is banned from today. State Health Secretary Brad Hazard notes:

“I know from experience that there is a certain degree of fatigue and a degree of indifference to the virus.”

He urged residents to be vigilant against “this most dangerous mutant strain of the virus, there should be no apathy.” So far, Australia has successfully responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, with fewer than 30,000 coronavirus cases and less than 1,000 deaths from it. Victoria suffered the most.

It all started with the Delta strain of a driver, a Sydney resident who worked with airline flight crews. Of the 25 million people in Australia to date, only 6.7 million are vaccinated. However, the majority received only the first vaccination.

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