February 8, 2023

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Cancellation of masks: the authorities will announce the date today

The announcement of when the mandatory wearing of a mask in open spaces will be canceled will be made today by the Ministry of Health.

As announced, “a briefing for the accredited media will take place at the Ministry of Health today, Wednesday 23 June at 18:00. It will be attended by: Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Anti-Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias, Professor of the Department of Children’s Infectious Diseases and member of the expert committee Gika Mallorchini, Deputy Minister of Health Vasilis Kontosamanis ”.

Experts will gather to answer questions about the health system in relation to the covid pandemic. Today, the committee will announce the date of the cancellation of the masks, presumably July 1.

Government spokesman Aristotelia Peloni addressed this issue today, saying that “he hopes that this (cancellation of masks) will be done in the near future and expects that a decision on a specific date will be made within a day, since the proposals of the expert commission of epidemiologists will be heard.” …

Answering the same question, Achilleas Gikas, a professor at the Department of Infectious Diseases Pathology at the University of Crete and a member of the expert committee, explained that “it is time to take off the masks outdoors, but under certain conditions.”

The downward trend in the pandemic, he said, is recorded by almost all fellow scientists and is that now the cases of coronavirus in our country are practically zero.

Who will be affected by removing the mask, what will be in the room
According to the information, the cancellation of the use of the mask will affect all citizens during their stay in the open air, regardless of whether they have completed the vaccination. However, in vehicles, stadiums, concert venues, etc., masks will presumably need to be worn.

Finally, regarding the use of the mask indoors. Scientists propose to continue to comply with this protection measure, since it is still not easy to control and separate vaccinated and unvaccinated indoors when entering them.

However, the government is working on a technical support plan for such a project by providing a vaccination certificate and verifying its authenticity.

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