“We must resist those who persecute our faith” – hierarch of the EPTs

Metropolitan Nectarius of Corfu believes that in our time the Orthodox faith is undergoing “insidious persecution.”

On June 17, 2021, Metropolitan Nektarios of Kerkir said that Orthodox Christians should resist those who persecute our faith, reports the publication Romfei.

In his sermon after the Liturgy, Vladyka noted that modern Christians live in difficult times. According to him, at the time of the martyrs, “faith in Christ was clearly persecuted,” but “today it is treacherously persecuted. And laws are passed against the faith, the clergy, against the Church. This happened in our homeland as well ”.

“Our temples were sealed, Divine Communion was forbidden, our freedom was violated. Laws alienated a person from a person, and propaganda was used to emphasize that the breaking of the Body and Blood of Christ is dangerous, ”said Metropolitan Nektarios.

In his opinion, believers are called to prove that “our faith in Christ is the center of our lives.” He recalled that “the saints resisted the spirit of denying Christ” and paid for it “with their blood”.

“Imitation of martyrs means resistance to those who want us to be robots, those who want us to have no thought and freedom. So let’s preserve our traditions, ”the bishop summed up.

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