Greek-speaking believers collect signatures in defense of Metropolitan Neophytos

The believers consider the Metropolitan of Morphs Neophyte a modern fighter for Orthodoxy and compare him with St. Maxim the Confessor and St. Mark of Ephesus.

Orthodox Greek-speaking Christians initiated the collection of signatures in defense of the Metropolitan of Morphine of the Cypriot Orthodox Church, Neophytos.

The collection of signatures began after a letter from the Synod of the Church of Greece to the Synod of the Church of Cyprus demanding that Metropolitan Neophytos not preach about his disagreement with the coronavirus vaccination.

The text, which accompanies the collection of signatures, says that Metropolitan Neophyte of Morph is “a modern fighter for Orthodoxy.”

“Just as the Monk Maximus the Confessor was left alone in the defense of the Orthodox faith from Monophysitism, to which almost all the bishops and the Patriarch obeyed, … and just like Saint Mark of Ephesus, who refused to obey the Pope and sign the Ferraro-Florentine Union, today is the Bishop of Morphi shows courage and courage, along with several bishops and priests of the Greek Orthodox Church in Cyprus, against the ecumenism, skepticism and heretical views, which began to obey the majority of the bishops of the Church of Greece and Cyprus, ”the text says.

For this reason, the initiators of the collection of signatures called on “all Hellenes” to stand up for the Metropolitan of Morthia and other bishops and priests “who began to be persecuted for refusing to cooperate with the opposing (Church – Ed.) State, which wants to lead the Orthodox faith and the Church to new actions and business “.

“Greeks all over the world, you are called by your signature to support the Orthodox faith, the Orthodox Church and the entire Greek people, to support the Bishop of Morthi and all other bishops and priests who began to be persecuted by the ruling church and its oligarchy, which grossly violated both the Synodal Decree and the Constitution.” , – consider the authors of the appeal.

In addition to Metropolitan Neophytos, they also call for the protection of Metropolitan Nektarios of Corfu and Metropolitan Kosma of Aetolia. At the moment, the appeal has already collected almost 7,500 signatures.

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