Serenade for Hitler’s birthday

“German soldiers stationed in Lithuania threw a neo-Nazi party, during which a colleague was raped. Spiegel

A platoon of the 92nd Training Tank Grenadier Battalion from the NATO mission staged a “recovery event.” On April 30, the unit checked into one of the hotels in Rukla. It turned out that during the party, the soldiers sang right-wing extremist and anti-Semitic songs. In particular, they performed a “serenade” dedicated to Adolf Hitler.

That same evening, one of the soldiers put his penis in the mouth of a sleeping comrade and filmed it.

It also turned out about other cases of hazing in the unit. In particular, one of the soldiers of Afghan origin was sexually abused and insulted for several months, and at some point even found the word “whore” carved on his weapon. In addition, there were derogatory comments about Jews.

On June 15, German Defense Minister Annegret Krum-Karrenbauer called the soldiers’ behavior “unforgivable” and “shameful.” They decided to return the entire platoon to Germany. “

The Defense Minister also promised that those responsible would be found and dismissed. But whether this will wash away the image of the Bundeswehr, whose soldiers in their free time dream of racial superiority and sing Nazi songs, I doubt!

The wicked irony of the story is that it happened during a month of pride and support? ️‍? LGBT community.

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