March 31, 2023

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Attention! Toxic smoke in Aspropyrgos and explosion threat

After an alarm went off in the morning due to a fire on a tanker in Neoktista, next to the oil refineries located on Panagia Faneromeni Street, the authorities sent an emergency alert to residents of the Aspropyrgos area.

The emergency message, which was also received by the residents of Nea Liossia, called on citizens to take shelter in an enclosed space, close the windows and stay away from them (to avoid damage if the blast breaks the glass).

Tanker fire and mobilization of the fire department
The alarm went off Friday morning when the fire department received a call that a fire had broken out in Neoktista (Aspropyrgos), near the oil refineries on Panagia Faneromeni Street.

Explosions were reported to have been heard. The order to evacuate the workers was made from the first moment, as soon as the danger of an explosion was identified. Powerful forces of the fire department rushed to the scene: 42 firefighters and 17 specialized vehicles. 2 helicopters were called to the scene of the fire.

Where the traffic is stopped
In connection with the outbreak of the fire, the police suspended traffic in the Aspropyrgos area:

On Megaridos Street (from the height of Agiu Ioanni Stephani Street to the refineries). On the street of Neoktista Aspropyrgos district, at the height of Panagia Faneromeni, in the direction of Megaridos street.

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