The killer pilot was a house tyrant

All of Greece remains shocked by the turn of the murder case of 20-year-old Caroline in Glyka Nera. As it turned out, there was no robbery in the house, and the culprit, the murderer of the young mother, was her 32-year-old husband, Babis Anagnostopoulos, who all this time “played the role of a grief-stricken widower”, both for the relatives of the unfortunate girl and in front of the reporters …

Yesterday, after a long testimony, he “broke” and confessed in his terrible act, as the evidence against him was overwhelming. However, the cold-blooded demeanor of the head of the family is impressive, however, as is the way he planned to hide the murder of his child’s wife and mother.

The robbery of a pilot’s friend’s house on the night of July 17, 2018 in Alepochori, told to him by a colleague, seems to have served as inspiration for the robbery story he tried to “recreate” and theatrical scenes played out by the murderer husband.

The way he described to the police the behavior of the three criminals who allegedly entered their home in the early morning of May 11 leads experts to believe that the man was inspired by what he heard from a friend. And he decided to use it as the basis of a terrible crime to divert suspicion from himself.

Nevertheless, the facts became more and more as the investigation into the murder of Caroline went on. As a result, it became clear to the police that her husband was the killer.

Police about a crime

Nikos Rigas, vice-president of the Athens Police Association, noted that “the offender cannot claim that he” lost his composure and committed the crime in a fit of anger. ” On the contrary, the attacker carefully prepared everything to do this heinous act. “

“He killed his wife. He strangled the dog. He left the baby by the body of his dead mother. He tried to create the appearance of a robbery in order to confuse law enforcement agencies, to put them on a false trail. Nevertheless, there were gaps in the” harmonious theory. ” the robber criminals “did not take the victims’ mobile phones, suggesting that something is wrong here. Pulling the string, we solved this inhuman crime,” said Mr. Rigas.

What happened during the robbery in Alepochori, and why the pilot took this scenario as a basis
The killer Babis Anagnostopoulos told the authorities that there were three perpetrators, and the leader was about 1.70 meters tall, with a short neck and a round face. He had yellow eyes and was about 35 years old, he spoke Greek well, but Albanian words “slipped through” in his speech.

Also, the “grief-stricken widower” said that “during the robbery, the criminals killed the couple’s dog so that it could not interfere with their actions.” The killer Caroline was well prepared and, as it seemed to him, everything went “as written”.

The testimony of a robbery couple three years ago in Alepoochori, who performed on Angelica Nikolouli’s show “Φως στο Τούνελ” after Caroline’s murder, when they still believed the “tale” of the killer-husband-pilot, believed that the same crime was committed in Glick Nera gang. Because many of the details were the same.

However, the coincidences were caused by the fact that Babis, as a blueprint, did all the same in his own house in order to lead the police on the wrong track. He even strangled his own dog with his hands and hung it up, for the credibility of what was happening …

Colleagues’ opinion

“Everyone at the airport knew about the grief that happened in the Babis family and, sympathizing with him, ran to donate blood to KAT,” said a colleague of the pilot, an instructor.

Describing Babis, his instructor said: “If you ask someone at the Megara airport, people over 50, a man or a woman, he will tell you that he considers a guy to be his son. What happened is just a nightmare that does not fit in my head. “

Within 2 hours 20 minutes after the murder, the killer pilot staged a robbery
According to the information the authorities were able to collect, mainly from digital data, Caroline’s cameras and biometric clocks, as well as the cell phone of the killer pilot, within two hours and 20 minutes after the crime, he “created a picture” of the robbery, to then demonstrate to the authorities, and they believed.

The facts show that her husband killed Caroline at 04:00 in the early morning of May 11 and within 2 hours and 20 minutes, until 6:20, when he announced that something was happening in his house, he was preparing for the arrival of the police.

“He stirred up the house, turned the dead wife over her face in the pillow, strangled the dog and hung it on the stairs, and then laid the child next to the dead mother and tied himself up.

For 37 days, Babis Anagnostopoulos faithfully followed his chosen scheme, creating a robbery scenario by three strangers who killed his wife.

All this time he seemed to be an unhappy widower and wished “that no one should experience anything like this.” In his first statements to the media, he said that “the guys (ie the police) know their business and will catch the guilty.”

And so it happened. Only the grief-stricken widower himself turned out to be a cruel killer …

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