Parliament in the circle of protesters

Tens of thousands of workers and employees, mainly in the public sector, took to the streets today to protest against the bill Ministry of Labor, which, according to the leftist forces, abolishes the rights of workers, won by sweat and blood.

After a large rally in the morning, thousands of protesters gathered in Syntagma Square in front of the parliament building with posters and slogans demanding that the bill be abandoned.

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The united trade union ADEDY, the EKA trade unions, labor unions, organs and organizations of the left, as well as anarchists shortly after 4:00 pm on Syntagma demanded the withdrawal of the bill. With the central slogans “Hands off the eight-hour workday” and “Do not pass a law prohibiting labor”, the protesters responded to a series of planned changes.

In particular, the EKA states in its statement: “We declare a strike and protest against:

cancellation of the 8-hour business day; changes in individual labor contracts; work on Sundays in additional departments; the substantial abolition of the labor inspection body; cancellation of collective agreements; substantial repeal of Law 1264 and attacks on trade unions ”.

At the moment, traffic on the streets around the center of Athens is stopped.

It is noted that today the vote on the bill is held by name, and earlier the Prime Minister and political leaders crossed swords at a plenary session.

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“Despite threats, lies, defamation and repression, the labor class trade union movement is growing stronger in this battle,” Secretary of the KKE Central Committee Dimitris Kutsumbas said at a strike meeting of trade unions and federations against the labor bill. He added: “Most of our people today and many more workers tomorrow will turn this law into fiction. They will throw it in the bin. “

Later, GSEE and ADEDY held a protest march from Klaftmonos Square to Parliament. The rally was attended by a number of trade unions, such as the Greek Teachers ‘Federation, officials from the Ministry of Finance, hospital workers’ associations and representatives of other trade unions.

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