Coronavirus: fines of € 106,050 for 244 violations

The competent audit services (EL.AS, Coast Guard, EAD, DIMEA, SEPE, Regional and Municipal Police) carried out 75,294 audits. At the same time, 244 cases of violation of protective measures were recorded.

A total of two (2) companies were fined € 106,050 and were penalized with fifteen (15) days’ suspension. The police were reportedly in charge of the bulk of the checks (63,028).

Major violations:

1. Not using a mask.

2. Failure to provide a certificate of movement or presentation of an invalid certificate.

3. Failure to comply with work suspension requirements and special sector operating rules.

Typical cases in Attica:

Temporary arrest of a store manager for violating measures to prevent the spread of a pandemic. A fine of EUR 3,000 and a suspension of activities for fifteen days was levied. EAD imposed an administrative fine of EUR 3,000 on an entertainment facility for non-compliance with the prescribed distance between the seats and violation of sanitary conditions.

South Aegean Region:

The authorities imposed a € 3,000 fine and suspended the health-related store for 15 days.

Central Greece:

EL.AS imposed a fine of 1000 euros on the owner of the tavern for the use of music (during the period when it was still banned).

Thessaly region:

The shop owner was arrested and a € 3,000 fine was imposed for violation of working hours.

Region of Western Greece:

Arrest and a fine of EUR 3,000 for a temporary beauty salon manager for serving a number of clients in excess of the allowed limit. A fine of € 2,000 for a store owner of a health interest for the use of music.


Authorities imposed a € 5,000 fine on the store for violating measures to combat the spread of the pandemic. A fine of 1000 euros for the owner of the tavern (for broadcasting music). EL.AS imposed a fine of EUR 3,000 on a store of health interest for violation of opening hours.

EAD conducted a total of nine hundred and seventy-six inspections of individuals and 82 facilities, imposing one administrative fine of EUR 3,000.

The Coast Guard imposed fines totaling € 10,300 on individuals for failure to use a mask and illegal movement.

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