Dirty games: who made money from the pandemic

As stated in the program “Man and the Law” (issue of June 4), at least 9 new faces, dollar billionaires, during the pandemic were included in the Forbes list.

After analyzing the data provided in the program, it seems that the coronavirus and the vaccine are not politics, but business. And it has nothing to do with health authorities, except mediated.

Not only the sale of personal protective equipment and sanitizers, the production of ventilators and oxygen, as well as the vaccine itself, some individuals, the heads of concerns (who do not even imagine such a success as a pandemic! – sorry, but it sounds blasphemous) have enriched themselves. And even on the fact that they made specific preparations for covid in the list of “approved vaccines for entry into Europe.”

In particular, the host of the program “Man and the Law” asks the question: how did Stella Kiryakides (PACE President from Cyprus, European People’s Party) suddenly, as if by wave of the hand, have 4 million euros on the accounts (voila!).

Stella Kiryakides – Cypriot psychologist and politician of the conservative party “Democratic Rally”, who has served as European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety since 2019. She was the first Cypriot citizen and the third woman to chair the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

It is suspected that her signature on the list of legitimate vaccines allowed for citizens to enter Europe was her decisive signature (or, as it is assumed, the seats on the “list” were simply sold).

Former President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Stella Kyriakides, and now the European Commissioner on health and food safety, the man who signed contracts with coronavirus vaccine manufacturers on behalf of the EU appears to be involved in a gigantic corruption scandal. Journalists are sure that vaccine manufacturers bribed her.

The joint account of the EU health commissioner and her husband unexpectedly ended up with 4 million euros. The Cypriot press is already literally talking about passive bribery.

The money was deposited into the account of the Commissioner’s family through the Cyprus State Cooperative Bank. To avoid a scandal, attempts were made to disguise the transfer as a loan.

This is far-fetched because the EU health commissioner has no collateral to provide such a loan. As already established in the report of the Cyprus Audit Office, Stella Kyriakides will not be able to pay this huge amount either from her salary or from other sources, so it seems pretty obvious to us: this is a fake loan, therefore, she covers up corruption.

Stella Kyriakides tries in every possible way to justify herself after being exposed. She is trying to pretend the money has nothing to do with EU vaccine deals and distract from the fact that it could be kickbacks paid by vaccine companies for lucrative contracts to defer or allow limited supplies. Meanwhile, more cautious Cypriot newspapers continue to write about passive bribery.

Further, according to the Russian web edition 1prime.ru, “the American magazine Forbes named 50 entrepreneurs from the healthcare sector who have made billions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Most of them live in China, from where the pandemic has spread throughout the world.”

Forbes listed businessmen have made their fortunes thanks to the rise in shares of companies developing vaccines and supplying medical equipment.

Among the new billionaires is Ugur Shahin, CEO of the German biotechnology company BioNTech. The company he heads, together with the American Pfizer, has developed an effective vaccine against the virus. Thanks to this, since the beginning of the year, the company’s shares have soared by 160%, and Shahin’s own fortune has increased by 17%, to $ 4.2 billion.

The Forbes rating also includes the head of the American company Moderna, Stefan Bansel, who also developed an effective vaccine. Since the beginning of the year, the value of the company’s securities has grown by more than 550%. Bansel’s fortune was $ 4.1 billion, despite the fact that in March 2020 he reduced his stake in the company from 9% to 6%.

In addition, the publication included the ex-wife of Du Weimin Yuan Liping, chairman of the board of Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products, on the list. The organization ranks among the leading vaccine manufacturers in China. After the divorce, the woman received 24% of the company, whose shares almost doubled in price. The Yuan was worth $ 4.1 billion.

Among those entrepreneurs who got rich on COVID-19 also included the head of the Chinese company Contec Medical Systems, which makes medical equipment, Hu Kun; the head of the Canadian AbCellera Karl Hansen – the company uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to find the most promising methods of treating diseases using antibodies.

In addition, the list includes co-founder of Moderna Timothy Springer and head of the Italian company Stevanato (one of the main manufacturers of glass bottles in the world) Sergio Stevanato. Presumably, it will be Stevanato who will supply containers for more than 40 vaccines against coronavirus.

The horror is that “successful business” is not only built directly on millions of human lives, but also indirectly on the collapsed economies and national health of countries. To whom, oh, miracle !, they immediately kindly offered a “noose around their neck” – loans for restoration …

Nothing personal, just business … However, as they say, “to whom the war, and to whom – the mother.”

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