The courier is on the way …

Couriers delivering goods and food, “deliverades” as they are called in Greece, are the little heroes of everyday life, marked by the pandemic.

When most of us are safe in our homes, they plow the asphalt in their “daddies” (ducklings, as mopeds are called in Greece) to satisfy our usually evening appetite. With a meager salary (sometimes without insurance) and perhaps a little tip.

The risks of trips on two-wheeled vehicles are quite high, and they increase manifold in cases where it is necessary for the order to arrive quickly. Who among us has not called the store to find out what is wrong with the pizza he is waiting for, to get an answer: “the guy is on the road” … Unfortunately, however, one day the “guy” may be ON the road. Literally. Falling on the asphalt from a hit with a car, on a slippery road, losing control. Anything, especially after a 10-hour day …

The Thessaloniki Court of Appeal last week considered one of these cases and, by its decision, acquitted a courier who was involved in a traffic accident at work, recognizing it as an industrial accident. He ordered the company that hired the courier to pay him compensation in the amount of EUR 17,944.70, as it refused to acknowledge the incident, fearing that it would otherwise be held accountable for not providing the personal protective equipment prescribed by law. The same company actually terminated the employment contract with the injured courier, without compensation for dismissal, while he was still on sick leave. She also filed a lawsuit against him in court, accusing the courier of extortion, as he began to complain about the actions of the company’s management.

In addition to compensation, the prosecutor of the first instance court and the prosecutor of the Thessaloniki Court of Appeal, by their ruling, rejected the company’s claim and appeal against the employee, calling the employers’ statement and the facts set forth in it false.

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