Tragedy in the port of Piraeus: a car fell into the sea, the driver could not be saved

The port authorities are looking for the causes of the accident, which occurred this morning (02.06) in the port of Piraeus – a man said goodbye to his life by sliding into the sea in his car.

According to, the Coast Guard, shortly before 06:00, was informed of the incident by a passer-by who saw a blue car in the sea. Immediately, a port corps ship and a submarine brigade arrived at the scene. Rescuers rushed to find out if there was a driver in the car.

As it was confirmed a little later, there was a man of about 65 years old who was rescued from the passenger compartment of a sunken car and was unconscious.

The victim was urgently taken to the Tzanio hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. According to the web edition, the car picked up speed before falling into the sea. The man was wearing a seat belt and did not have any injuries or injuries. The police did not find any records on him to justify his act (presumably suicide). It is noted that the tragic incident took place at pier E2, from where ships are sent to Crete.

The competent port authorities have started a preliminary investigation of the incident.

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