Horror: the snake crawled out of the toilet

The nightmare was going to the toilet of a young girl, a resident of the Pefka district of Thessaloniki. Lifting the toilet lid, she suddenly saw a snake there!

The reptile probably did not crawl through the sewers, as one might think (and as we have seen more than once in horror films), but most likely, on the contrary, fell into the toilet, ending up in the bathroom.

The incident was reported on Facebook by a Wildlife Action volunteer, Stelios Geronimakis, who was summoned to remove the intruder.

According to the expert, the reptile, although it looked like a poisonous snake, was actually a snake – a yellow snake, completely harmless. It was just that the girl was in a panic and sounded the alarm in fright. It seemed to her that the snake was hissing, and preparing to throw.


The genus of snakes Coluber has 30 species and belongs to the snake family. The yellow-bellied snake (C. jugularis L.) is distinguished by a dark gray back and a light yellow belly. Reaches 2 m in length. Other species range in color from gray to fawn. A distinctive feature that gave the runner its name is red-brown spots edged with a black stripe.
Being absolutely non-poisonous, it possesses remarkable courage – upon an unexpected meeting with a person or other large predator, it curls itself up into a ring and makes threatening throws with a menacing hiss. The snake can inflict a rather painful bite, but the duel almost always ends tragically for the snake.

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