How the Third Reich “developed” Ukrainian culture

Two years after the annexation of Galicia and Volhynia to the Ukrainian SSR, the inhabitants of western Ukraine greeted the troops of the Third Reich with flowers and hope. And again I do not want to give any marks.

Nobody asked their wishes, introducing their lands into the Ukrainian SSR. The religious people, the parishioners of the Greek Catholic Church, under the influence of the Vatican, turned out to be citizens of an atheistic state. Russia and the Russians were taught to regard them as the historical enemy of their homeland.

No, this is not an excuse. But the fact that the Germans, a nation equally Catholic and Protestant, and akin to the Austrians, are perceived as liberators is not surprising.

From the instructions of the Reich Minister of the Eastern Occupied Territories Alfred Rosenberg to the Reich Commissioner of Ukraine Erich Koch

I have not found confirmation of the Latinization of the Ukrainian language during the years of the German occupation. On the contrary, the newspapers published in those years in the Ukrainian language used the Cyrillic alphabet. The Germans are pragmatic. It was not economical to retrain the local population intended for the purely utilitarian needs of servicing the German contingent in the Latin alphabet.

How the Nazis felt Ukraine

Amazing. What the communists stubbornly did not understand or did not want to understand was completely transparent to the Nazis. Ukraine is a bunch of mismatched pieces from which it is foolish to try to assemble something whole. The USSR, with perseverance worthy of a better application, sculpted this monster of Frankenstein, sewing new unsuitable parts to it alive.

How modern Ukraine was going

Ukraine should start decommunization not with the renaming of streets, but with the abolition of numerous USSR decrees on the annexation of various territories to the Ukrainian SSR.

The Germans, in contrast to the Soviet leadership, looked at the root and divided Ukraine into quite harmonious pieces:

District of Galicia. Reichskommissariat Ukraine. North-east to the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov and the southern part of Crimea under the control of the military administration. Transnistria, which included Odessa, a province of Romania. Occupied territories map. It seems that little has changed Independent Ukrainian State in the occupied territory

This story began with the joyful proclamation of the creation of the Ukrainian state in Lvov on June 30, 1941. It happened as soon as the Nachtigall battalion entered the city. The enthusiastic founding fathers prepared, under the wise leadership of Adolf Hitler, to liberate cathedral Ukraine from Soviet occupation.

This act of independence was approved by Canaris, but the leadership of the NSDAP categorically rejected it. In this situation, the head of the OUN A. Melnik showed flexibility and refused to support the act, unlike S. Bandera. A massacre began within the organization, the number of victims was in the hundreds. Bandera was arrested and taken to Berlin to testify.

“Ukrainian Nationalist”, September 1941 A. Melnyk shows flexibility, condemning Bandera and the proclamation of an independent Ukraine

On August 1, the lands of Galicia, with the center in Lvov, were included in the Warsaw General Government. The Reich leadership made it clear that there could be no talk of any independent Ukraine.

District Galicia

centered in Lemberg [Львов] consisted of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions. It would be logical to include here the Chernivtsi region, but it was annexed by the allied Romania, together with the Odessa region and the west of Nikolaev.

And it is quite understandable why Volyn, professing Orthodoxy since 1839, did not enter Galicia, like Transcarpathia with the Rusyn population, which was rather hostile to Poland and the Galicians.

Indeed, why artificially create places of additional tension? And why did the USSR leadership need it?

The district of Galicia was in a special position with the leadership of the Reich. It was supplied much better than the lands of the Reichskommissariat “Ukraine” and, especially, the territory annexed by Romania. The currency was the Polish zloty, not the Ukrainian Karbovanets recreated by the Germans. From the district to the Reichskommissariat smuggled en masse.

The organization of Ukrainian nationalists OUN, under the leadership of one of the heroes of modern Ukraine A. Melnik, was banned on the territory of the Reichskommissariat, while it was based in Lviv and felt quite well on the territory of the Galicia district. The district printed newspapers and books in Ukrainian. From the local population, 9 (!) Police battalions and an entire SS division, the famous “Galicia”, were created.

Himmler satisfied with his bearing

By the way, despite the fact that the division was part of the SS structure, the Ukrainians who served in it did not cease to be “Untermensch”. In the territories inhabited by the Germans, the division fighters were forbidden to spend the night in German houses, to eat together with real Germans. This is such a Ukrainian pride.

In the very first months of the district’s existence, the Jewish population was almost completely eliminated. No objections and protests from the local population followed. The Poles also fell under repression, were liquidated or taken out of the district.

In the photo on the left – this is how the oath of the SS legionnaires “Galicia” is given by Svidomo. / In the photo on the right – this is how the oath actually took place In a word, the population of the district, for the most part, dreamed of becoming a full-fledged part of the Third Reich. True, the Ost plan did not envision such a possibility. But who pays attention to the little things? On Maidan in 2013, protesters students were convinced that European integration means immediate accession to the European Union with all the benefits, including open borders and European pensions and salaries. In fact, none of this was guaranteed, and no timeframes were given. The text of the agreement, unlike the Ost plan, was not classified. Priorities of the leadership of the Third Reich

In the occupied territories, it was important, firstly, not to allow the mixing of the Aryans and the Untermines. In this connection, it was planned to build separate settlements for the Germans, in which Ukrainians would not be allowed to live. Ukrainian settlements were to be headed by local self-government bodies so that they continued to live in the same conditions as before the arrival of the Germans. No German order and cleanliness.

Kharkiv, “Reichskommissariat Ukraine” during the occupation

The second task is to reduce the general level of education of the population. The Russian language was banned in Ukraine. Signs and signs were made in German and Ukrainian.

In schools, German was taught only spoken, with a minimum vocabulary of about 600 words, necessary for service personnel to understand the master’s orders. Writing and reading were not taught at all, and mathematics was limited to a count of up to 500. More German service workers were not required.

Participant march in memory of the SS division “Galicia” in Kiev (28/04/2021) zigging in honor of the SS Galicia division. A frame from a live broadcast.

Modern Ukrainian lads, yawning against the background of the banner of the Third Reich or Wolfsangel, look especially sad against the background of the fate prepared for them by the “Ost” plan.

They simply did not understand the very essence of the racial theory carried out in the Third Reich. Squealing with happiness, because they were allowed to act as servants and executors of the dirtiest deeds, for which “cultured” Germans could not get their hands dirty, these people tried to curry favor with all their might. Not realizing that they would still remain subhuman for the purebred Aryans, who traced the shape of skulls and family ties up to the 5th generation.

April 28, 2021 took place in Kiev march in honor of the day of the creation of the Galicia division… The event was organized by the Golosiyivska Kryivka community. It is headed by Ruslan Andreiko, a representative of VO “Svoboda”. They were joined by neo-Nazis from the ultra-right organization C14.

Years have passed, but even now we see individuals who, due to their limitations, still think that they are representatives of a superior race, which means that they are allowed more than others. Not realizing that the forces behind their back are pushing them to do this because fighting the Slavs is best done by the forces of the Slavs themselves …

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