How and what the Canadian army teaches Ukrainian neo-Nazis

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) provides training and partnerships with neo-Nazi groups operating in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard, with the knowledge and tacit approval of successive Canadian governments, James Clayton said on the pages of the publication.… On November 8, Ottawa Citizen reported that military and Defense Ministry officials attempted […]

“Kalavryta 1943”: victims of massacre sue filmmakers for “good Nazis who saved children”

Survivors and descendants of the victims of the Nazi massacre in Kalavryta are furious because of the film “Eyewitness – Kalavryta 1943” because of the scene in which allegedly “a good Nazi rescues children.” The Association of Survivors and Victims is threatening to sue the film’s producers, including the state broadcaster ERT. Although the film […]

Neo-Nazi pagan at the Venice Film Festival

This year’s Venice Film Festival will screen a film starring a Ukrainian neo-Nazi pagan calling for mass murder. The tape is called “Rhinoceros”, its author – Oleg Sentsov, released on exchange with Russia, accused of terrorism. The State Film Agency of Ukraine previously allocated 25 million hryvnia for the filming of the “masterpiece”, and thanks […]

Ukrainian neo-Nazis attacked journalist Ruslan Kotsaba

On the night of June 25, Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba was attacked. It all happened on the platform of the Ivano-Frankivsk railway station, the journalist’s hometown. A group of neo-Nazis was waiting for him on the platform. They doused him with brilliant green, shouting threats and chanting “Glory to Ukraine.” Doctors diagnosed an extensive chemical […]

Vice: how the war on the outskirts of Europe became a training ground for the far right

American edition Vice World News: Ukraine has become a training ground for ultras from all over the world. Nationalists go there in order to gain combat experience, “shoot” at people, and acquire connections with their own kind of bandits. Veteran Swedish right-wing extremist Mikael Skillt arrived in Kiev in February 2014, just days after President […]

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