Roma beat police officers, but the prosecutor released them from custody

Enraged Roma attacked the police when they demanded that they vacate their seat and clean up the garbage after themselves at the place that the Roma had chosen for their camp.

On 24 May, a conflict between police and gypsies broke out at the Poros police station, which escalated into a fight. The reason for the incident was the police demand to vacate the place that the Roma occupied for the camp without the consent of the authorities, and to remove the mountains of garbage that had formed there.

The Gypsies began to swear, and then, when they saw the ineffectiveness of their attempts to take “by the throat,” they began throwing chairs at the two police officers who were at the police station at that moment.

In the video, you can see how Roma are thrown at the police chairs.

Fortunately for the police station, firefighters and coast guards came to their aid, who were able to repel the Roma attack. One law enforcement officer was injured. He was sent to the hospital, where the victim was treated. Of the 10 attackers, two Roma were arrested, and another active participant in the fight escaped and was put on a wanted list on the highway. On the verbal orders of the Syros prosecutor, two of those arrested were released, which angered the inhabitants of the island. They are well aware that the initiated criminal case, like other cases against the Roma, is likely to be leaked.

It is noteworthy that during the attack on the police station, a meeting of the city council was held. The mayor of the island, Marcos Kovaios, immediately demanded that the meeting be suspended so that the advisers “could help the police to repel the Roma attack.” However, municipal councilors refused, stating that “we are ordinary citizens, not law enforcement agencies,” leaving the police at the mercy of the attackers. And who said they were wrong? …

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