The battle with fire in Corinth continues for the second day

At night, gusts of wind in the area of ​​the raging fire in Corinth, which began in Schinos, reached 9 on the Beaufort scale, which contributed to the further spread of the flame. In the early morning, aviation again entered the battle.

As Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Nikos Hardalias said yesterday at an emergency briefing, “It will be a tough night. We are fighting in difficult conditions. ” By now in uncontrolled fire, which began from the burning of branches in an olive grove, burned down 30,000 acres of forest.

At night, the fire laid siege to Alepochori, residents of the surrounding villages have left their homes with basic necessities and are moving to safer places, following the message of the civil protection service sent to number 112. The fire is only a few meters from the houses located in Alepochori, there is no electricity, new ones appear hotbeds of fire.

The inhabitants of Megara spent a terrible night watching the flames approaching the city. They also received a message advising them to leave their homes. Firefighter forces focused on preventing the merging of individual flashes of fire into a single front. After 3 am the wind weakened somewhat, which facilitated the actions of the firefighters. However, in the morning hours the wind intensified again. In the early morning, according to firefighters, the fire spread to Pefkenea and Hani Derveni from Megara, as well as to homes in Alepochori. At dawn, planes rejoined the ground services to fight the fire.

While there is no immediate danger to settlements, however, the rapid increase in wind should be taken into account. 265 firefighters are fighting the fire, saving lives and, if possible, reducing the damage from the fire. Special equipment, infantry forces, volunteers are involved. The sky of Athens turned into an alarming color, citizens with respiratory problems are asked, if possible, not to be outside for a long time and not to open windows.

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