When does a € 300 fine still apply?

From today, 05/14, free movement resumes in Greece, however, with the full implementation of security and protection measures against the coronavirus.

Now everyone can freely travel from district to district, without permits and restrictions, from 05.00 to 00.30. However, this can be done by observing protective measures inside the vehicle. A fine will be charged for not using the mask.

It is allowed to travel in public passenger transport (up to two passengers in addition to the driver) in:

Ε.Δ.Χ (taxis with a special permit); TAXI; Special Lease, ειδικής μίσθωσης (rented, rented vehicles). IX (personal passenger transport); EIX (rented cars with a driver).

All persons in the vehicle must wear masks. Otherwise, the fine is € 300 each.

Exceeding the limit is allowed only in cases when the passengers of the vehicle:
a) minor children, whose stay at home under adult supervision is impossible;
b) a person who needs the assistance of a second passenger for transportation.

Double cab and VAN type (minivan)

Up to three people are allowed, all must use a mask. The excess of the number of passengers is possible only if the vehicle, together with adults, are minors, who cannot be left at home.

The fine for not using the mask is 300 euros for everyone in the vehicle, if the passengers do not have type A and B family ties.

With regard to the degree of kinship, the law establishes the following:

First degree A: parents, children, husband, wife, father-in-law, mother-in-law. Second degree B: grandparents, grandchildren, groom, bride, son-in-law, daughter-in-law (brothers and sisters), brothers. Third degree G: great-grandparents, great-grandchildren, nieces, uncles, aunts.

According to experts, despite the lifting of restrictions, some protection measures will remain mandatory until the country achieves “herd immunity”.

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