EFET: Salmonella found in frozen cutlets

The frozen semi-finished product from poultry meat, in which the pathogenic microorganism Salmonella was found, is recalled from the market by the Unified Food Control Agency EFET.

The regional office of Thessaly reportedly took samples and samples of frozen poultry meat for human consumption during inspections under the Official Control of Microbiological Indicators for Food Safety program.

Product under the brand name «Ύψηστον ΜΕΑΤΚΑ Μπιφτέκι Κοτόπουλο», LOT 07021, expiry date to: 12/03/2022, manufactured and packaged by ΜΕΑΤΚΑ ΑΕ (Θερμοπυλών 20 & Διαγόρα, Σπάτα Αττικής), and went on sale in supermarkets Sklavenitis, withdrawn from the market sales , as dangerous and unfit for consumption, due to the detection of the pathogenic microorganism Salmonella spp.

EFET demanded an immediate recall of the entire batch of the product in question and took appropriate control measures. The supervisor strongly urges citizens who have purchased a particular product not to eat it.

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