EFET recalls a batch of frozen chicken cutlets

Unified Food Control Agency EFET recalled a batch of frozen chicken cutlets due to the pathogen Salmonella found in the product. EФET (Ενιαίος Φορέας Ελέγχου Τροφίμων) и региональное управление Центральной Македонии при проведении контроля взяли пробу мясного полуфабриката со следующей маркировкой: “Μπιφτέκι κοτόπουλο 140 γρ. κατεψυγμένο, σε συσκευασία βάρους 1 Kg, με ημερομηνία κατάψυξης 08/06/2022, […]

Caution: Hepatitis A virus found in frozen fruit mix

A frozen fruit mix that has been found to contain hepatitis A virus has been withdrawn from the market by the Unified Food Control Agency (EFET). Through the Early Warning System for Unfit Foods and Feeds (RASFF), a commercially available frozen fruit mix (Belgian supplier company “ARDO ARDOOIE NV”) containing hepatitis A virus was disseminated. […]

Croissants… with mold

Mold has been found in the packaging of croissants, according to the Hellenic Food Supervision Authority (EFET). EFET demanded that batches of croissants of a well-known brand be immediately withdrawn, as mold was found inside the packaging after appropriate checks. The Food Supervision Authority, and in particular the Regional Directorate of Central Macedonia, during an […]

Attention! Chicken roll is dangerous to eat

The Greek Food Supervisory Authority ΦΕΤ, and in particular the Attica Regional Office, are urging consumers not to eat chicken roll (processed meat) as it has been found to contain the pathogenic bacterium Salmonella spp. EFET and the regional office of Attica are starting to withdraw chicken roll from the market. The statement reads: “Ε.Φ.Ε.Τ. […]

Attention! Salmonella found in pork meatballs

Meat products, pork meatballs (seftalia), in which salmonella has been found, are recalled from the sales market by the Centralized Food Control Agency (EFET). EFET inspectors and, in particular, the regional office of Thessaly, during the inspections under the program “Official control of microbiological criteria for food safety” from 2021 took samples of frozen meat […]

EFET: Salmonella found in frozen cutlets

The frozen semi-finished product from poultry meat, in which the pathogenic microorganism Salmonella was found, is recalled from the market by the Unified Food Control Agency EFET. The regional office of Thessaly reportedly took samples and samples of frozen poultry meat for human consumption during inspections under the Official Control of Microbiological Indicators for Food […]

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