Fighters flew over Athens, pretty much frightening the inhabitants

A mixed group of fighters that took part in the exercises “Ηνίοχος 21” flew over Athens today, pretty much frightening the local residents. Judging by the calls received by the editorial office, some thought it was not the Turks?

And what was that? A link of military aircraft flew over Athens.

Posted by Pavlo Onoyko on Thursday, April 22, 2021

As it turned out later, by order of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the military pilots thus demonstrated their skills to seven allies of Greece, who visited Andravida airbase to participate in the multinational interdisciplinary exercise “21 INI”.

The Prime Minister, together with the political and military leadership of the Ministry of National Defense, had the opportunity to see firsthand the combat and deterrent power of the Greek armed forces. He welcomed the military representation of friendly countries and watched the impressive flights and maneuvers of fighters.

“Greece is the foundation of stability and security in the wider region. It is the protagonist in competitions, but also in discussions. In defensive containment, but also in a peaceful settlement,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in a statement.

The annual INIOCHOS exercise reflects Greece’s strategic position in the broader Mediterranean basin and its close cooperation with many countries in the region to ensure security and peace, the Greek General Staff said in a statement.

Exercises take place throughout the Athens FIR, with the participation of Rafale and Mirage 2000D fighters from France, F-16 from the United Arab Emirates, F / A 18 Hornet from Spain and F-15 and F-16 from Israel. The United States sent F-16s, MQ-9 drones and a KC-135 flying tanker. Canada participates in the CGI – Air Weapon Managers system, and Cyprus has sent an AW 139 helicopter. Five more countries participate as observers: Austria, Egypt, Jordan, Romania and Slovenia.

The Greek Air Force is involved with all types of fighters in its fleet (F-16, M-2000, M-2000-5, F-4), air defense, electronic warfare and unmanned aerial vehicles. The navy takes part with frigates, rocket patrols, artillery, general support ships, navy helicopters and aircraft, CH-47D Chinook helicopters.

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