OAED Kids Camps: When Applications Start

OAED Camp Program 2021 Campaign Voucher Applications will begin on Holy Monday, April 26th.

Submissions will be available from 08:00 and the deadline for submissions will end on May 8 and 23:59. The implementation of the program begins on June 15, 2021 and ends on September 3 for children with normal development and until September 10 for children with disabilities from 50% or more.

The total number of children who will be placed in children’s camps is 70,000 and the total budget of the program is 35,000,000 euros.

Submission of applications is carried out exclusively in electronic form through the Single Digital Portal of the Greek State www.gov.gr with TAXISnet codes at the links:

(Αρχική → Εργασία και ασφάλιση → Κατασκηνώσεις → Προγράμματα κατασκηνώσεων ΟΑΕΔ) https://www.gov.gr/arxes/oloi-foreis/organismos-apaskholeses-ergatikou-dunamikou-oaed/programmata-kataskenoseon-
(Αρχική → Εργασία και ασφάλιση → Ανεργία → Πάροχοι κατασκήνωσης) https://www.gov.gr/arxes/oloi-foreis/organismos-apaskholeses-ergatikou-dunamikou-oaed/parokhoi-kataskenoses

Who can get the vouchers?

The beneficiaries of the program are workers and unemployed people with real family income in the 2019 tax year up to 28,000 euros, who in 2020:

had at least 50 working days of insurance e-EFKA received at least 50 days of special maternity protection benefits received unemployment benefits for at least two months (50 daily allowances) accumulated a total of at least 50 days of the above (working days, special protection benefits maternity and unemployment benefit) is registered as unemployed and has been permanently unemployed for at least four months after the application deadline.

The selection will be based on an assessment of specific criteria such as family income, number of children, children with disabilities, through the OAED Integrated Information System (IIS).

The subsidy concerns the placement of the children of the beneficiaries in the children’s camp of the register of OAED providers with the issuance of a voucher, which is in the form of a unique electronic code number.

Recipients are children born from 01.01.2005 to 14.06.2015. The maximum stay is 15 consecutive days, including arrival and departure days.

For more information on terms and conditions, you can visit the OAED website www.oaed.gr

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