Ukraine: after 8 days of “rest” in Dubai, nude models share their impressions

The epic with nude filming in a Muslim country came to a logical conclusion – the participants were deported to Ukraine. The girls who returned from the Dubai jail explain the situation and share their emotions. Their general opinion is: “There are so many problems because of naked priests.” got acquainted with the participants of the scandalous shooting and their coverage of the events.

In total, 40 young models from different countries took part in a nude session on the balcony of a Dubai hotel in April this year, but only 11 Ukrainian women were imprisoned. In their opinion, they are simply cheated, luring him to the investigator and from there sending him straight to jail.

About the organizer of the trip to the UAE Vitaly Grechine and his sexy entourage “Russian Athens” have already told. Wherever he appears, he is surrounded by girls of model appearance – Grechin’s personal harem, as they are called. Well, what can you do, a person has such a weakness. At the same time, the man not only does not hide it, but also emphasizes it in every possible way. Confirmation – numerous frivolous photos in social networks. One knowledgeable source says:

“Grechin publicly leads a luxury life. He gathers parties from simple rural girls, not models who are ready to do anything for a trip abroad. He regularly” walks “his” herd “of girls, and does not hide it. Only his last trip to Dubai with the nude photo session ended badly for him and his girlfriends. “

Yes, the trip really failed. Although this could have been foreseen: a nude photo shoot on a balcony in a Muslim country not only expresses disrespect for its laws, customs and rules, but is also fraught with serious consequences. And the girls were still very lucky that they spent only 8 days behind bars … Although most of them, upon returning home, perceive the incident as an extreme adventure and even recall their adventures with some bravado.

However, let’s start from the very beginning. Apparently, the girls from Grechin’s retinue do well in escorts, although they all publicly deny this. The company for a trip to the UAE was a friendly one – most of them had known each other earlier and had already been together on trips. For example, just 1.5 months before the scandalous trip, they rested in Bukovel in the company of the same Grechin and his friend, former TV presenter Igor Posypayko. The trip was associated with the birthday of a lover of a sexy environment, at a party in whose honor the girls were present in only lingerie.

This was followed by an invitation to Dubai. One of the potential travelers and a future participant in a nude photo session received a message, apparently from Grechin. At the same time, nothing foreshadowed something special: “Will we fly to Dubai with us for 4-5 days? March 31 … This is a friendly company. You need to be cool, cheerful, smiling. Everything … Nothing complicated.” One of the girls says:

“Everyone travels on a voluntary basis. Girls, for fun, travel for free, collect their portfolios, especially in a good and friendly company. And I did that – for the first time in my life I took one photo and was not naked, but only in underwear.”

Another participant, 27-year-old Yana Graboschuk, says the same. She claims that nude filming is her hobby, which she does not earn. He enjoys the process itself, so to speak. And a trip to Dubai with Grechin, according to her, is just a bright holiday in good company. With regard to the organizer of the trip, she does not spare kind words – Vitaly, they say, is a kind person, a philanthropist, one might say, with a broad gesture, allowing girls to see the world and demanding nothing in return. God forbid, no sex!

Yana Graboshchuk

Yana does not blame anyone and considers the incident an annoying accident, when no one suspected how such pranks could end. And there would be something to take to prison, they managed to take only a few frames. However, modestly looking down, at the end of the conversation with the journalist, she admits that she is ashamed of what happened …

The very next day after the photos of the girls appeared on the network, on April 4, the police raided the hotel. Another model, who did not want to give her name, tells how they all ended up in prison, accusing a certain policeman named Ahmed:

“10 girls flew away on April 3, 14 left, 12 of them went to meet Ahmed – the” good policeman “… And now about how policeman Ahmed lured us into the police. Nothing boded trouble, 10 girls flew home, and we , fools, decided to stay. I am asleep and my friend starts screaming that our photos were “leaked.” We immediately started looking for tickets to Kiev and did not find anything, the next ones were for April 5. But we didn’t think of just running to Istanbul. then they called from the reception – it was necessary not to answer and just go. Then they said that a policeman was waiting for us. We thought that we were kapets, everyone knew who we were, but no one had any information about who we were.

We went downstairs, and the cop said that we needed to come to the police station just to testify, and they would let us go – we believed. Again there was an opportunity to escape, and no one would know anything. We arrived at the right time, and here we were taken to the car and taken to the prison … but we did not panic. We arrived, testified with a smile. But here they start to take away our phones: no one could tell our relatives what happened, and so for 8 days, we were not allowed to call and inform that we were alive. We were led and we saw many prisoners. “

Her story is continued by two more models, Diana and Irina, live on Instagram:

“Some of the girls got out on 3 more dates. One” kind “policeman told us that we were not guilty of anything, so we had to go to the police station and give evidence. We arrived at the police station, they gave us tea and coffee, wrote down testimony. phones for checking. Girls who smoke were taken out for a smoke break. And then they come and say: “Let’s go through. And when we saw the bars, we realized that we were in the cell.”

Further – complaints about the hardships of the Dubai prison. For eight days of imprisonment, they were not allowed to call home, every 30 minutes they were lined up to check, and the incessant noise of the fans prevented them from sleeping together on the same mattress. One of the girls says:

“They took absolutely everything away from us, shooed us, took us first to a room with one mattress and we were 12 girls. They didn’t feed us all day, but at night they brought tasteless rice with a terrible gravy,” like from g @ wna “, and it turned out to be one of the best dishes after bread, which is given at 4 am Then they put them in a cell where the rioting people are imprisoned. In these cells (as we were told) they were closed for at least 2 days. There people slept, ate, went to the toilet and died. The light is always on, awful clatter of fans … How I wanted to sleep in silence and darkness all these days. “

Irina and Diana on Instagram complement the words of a friend:

“There was very little space in the cell, two people had to sleep on the same mattress. This despite the fact that the light was never turned off, like the ever-roaring ventilation system. When we got used to it, it already seemed to us that it was raining. We were not fed. They promised that they would soon be released. At four in the morning there was breakfast. We were given a small triangle of melted cheese, a piece of bread, a tiny jar of jam and tea with some additives. All the girls had an upset stomach. paper. Instead – a hose with a shower. “

According to Irina and Diana, most of the models began to have premature menstruation due to nervousness, in the complete absence of personal hygiene products. The prison staff gave them to the Ukrainian women only on the third day. And toothbrushes appeared only on the fifth day, and the girls had to pay for them:

“The other prisoners had everything: a toothbrush, soap, shampoo, change of clothes. And we were not allowed to change, although our bags were downstairs. One girl had an inflamed kidney, another was not allowed to take the pills prescribed by a doctor from a suitcase. prescriptions, but the guards didn’t care. The first three days everyone cried. We became psychologists for each other. We were threatened to be killed by prisoners from other cells, and we prayed to God not to be transferred to the main cell, there are fights every day, and all the police are seen “.

One of the participants in the photo session emotionally says:

“We were constantly shouted, someone said that we would leave in two days, someone said that in a month, two or six, they scared us. It was just a 30-minute photoset and no more. Vitaly is still in prison. , and another organizer. There were also Russian women, but they quickly “washed away”, not stupid. The fact that we are called prostitutes and escort girls is their business. They released us, too, not very pleasant, because the phones were given rewritten and were taken through the deportation zone. But there were police women – in recent days they seemed quite good-natured. Relatives only support, and are glad that we have returned. They do not condemn. And never again in Dubai. So many dark sides have learned about those people from prisoners, it is already disgusting to be there. “

Diana and Irina echo her:

“We, like bad sheep, did not understand that because of naked priests there could be so many problems. Yes, it was clear that this was the United Arab Emirates, a different culture. But we want to say that we were not credited with prostitution or the production of porn products. to religion and one photo with a naked booty. We did not have any other naked photos. “

Now, Ukrainian women who took part in nude photography are prohibited from entering not only the UAE, but also all other countries of the Persian Gulf. And they were still very lucky – they helped to resolve the situation intervention of the Ukrainian consul… One of the girls says:

“I will never forget how we were deceived, how we trusted people. We were simply lured into a trap and everyone … they said that they would only talk to us, after that we planned to see the city, and then they just locked us up and were not even allowed to call the consul. It’s good that he himself came three days later. Until he arrived, their attitude towards us was like murderers. “

Who are they – the girls in the photo that caused an international response? It is difficult to recognize them from the back, tattoos and other distinguishing features that can be identified with the images available on social networks help. Although now many pages have already been deleted.

Yana Graboshchak, a Kiev woman who was initially recognized by the journalists by the tattoo on her thigh, was the only one of all the models who spoke to the journalists very frankly.

Anastasia Kashuba – The 20-year-old model was recognized by actively posted photos and videos from Dubai, including with other girls.

Ekaterina Kashchenko and Sofia Tkachuk – Instagram photos also helped to identify them.

Diana – identified by photos and tattoos on her leg and arm.


Marianna Fedchuk from Uzhgorod actively posted photos from Dubai, a student at Uzhgorod National University.

Marianna Fedchuk

One of the models discussed her “career” on Instagram with a friend last year:

“New people, new acquaintances, new … ideas, readiness to escape to the other end of the country or abroad at the snap of a finger. In general, in old age there will be something to remember, the truth.”

Indeed, now there will be something to remember in old age. But would you just want to tell your children and grandchildren about it? On April 13, the Ukrainian women returned home. Except for one, which was unable to leave the country with the coronavirus. Instead of a fine of fifteen hundred dollars and a six-month prison sentence, they were simply expelled and blocked from entering the country, thanks to the consul. What is happening with Vitaly Grechin, the organizer of the shooting, is not yet clear. He does not answer calls and messages.

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